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Diazepam is a potent medication that can be habit-forming, and it should only be used under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider. It is typically prescribed for short-term use (no more than a few weeks) to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms, and seizures.


Common side effects of diazepam can include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. More serious side effects can include difficulty breathing, chest pain, confusion, and seizures. Diazepam should not be used in combination with alcohol or other drugs that can cause drowsiness, as this can increase the risk of serious side effects.


If you are considering diazepam to treat anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms, or seizures, it is important to talk to your healthcare provider about the potential benefits and risks, as well as any other treatment options that may be appropriate for you.


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