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Buy Blue Xanax Bar Online to get lots of benefit a& also best offer provided withCOD available safe and secure . Blue Xanax is not formulated any differently than other colored Xanax pills, the difference is in the dosage. A blue pill with �XANAX 1.0� imprinted on it will be either elliptical or oval-shaped and is identified as Xanax 1mg. When a doctor or other medical professional diagnoses an individual with one of the many conditions that Xanax is often prescribed for, due to the nature of benzodiazepines the doctor will often start with a small dose, such as .25mg to begin with. Once the patient�s brain chemistry has become accustomed to the effects of the Xanax, the prescription dosage may be adjusted in order to achieve the desired effects and symptom control. There is often a maximum of 4mg per day, spread across three or four doses.

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  • 09 June, 2022
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