Business Opportunity - 2000 Per Month Challenge


Business Opportunity -:))
$2000 Per Month Challenge
I know you can do it! Thats right we have laid out a plan for you to Realistically Earn $2000 + Per Month here with TLC!
Currently we already have many people on the team that are already making this goal a reality. Below you will find an example break down on how this is possible!
Feel free to play around with the numbers! Some of you can earn $500 per week on Iaso Tea Sales Alone so the below sheet isn't the end all.
If you are an excellent recruiter you can also set a goal to add on 2 New Business Partners Per Week at the $500 Level and that alone can give you the weekly and monthly income that is reflective in this challenge!
Again this is just ONE way I've broken the numbers down as an outline to show you "How Possible" it is to easily earn $2000 Per Month here in TLC.
Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Go!!!
Start the journey today with our 100% Organic IASO Tea. Iose weight and earn money. 100% Result... Lose 5 lbs in 5 days ... over and over.. Just by drinking a yummy TEA ?? SERIOUSLY! It really works! .!!! For order and joining us click here. -:))

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  • 21 March, 2015
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