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Carry Forward(Ultra-Uddan) Binary Business Plan ( Royal Income Opportunity Rs 143,000/- Per Day)* Xel Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. / “The Revolution” has adopted the most innovative and powerful Compensation Plan which is called “Mirror Reflection Genealogy Plan “ This Business Plan helps a very ordinary Person to achieve very extra ordinary success in “Network Marketing,” The most important point is it’s a Long lasting Business Plan . How to Join :- To enrol with “The Revolution “ all you have to do is to Buy any one of the products of your choice mentioned at the Product List. After purchasing any one Product package of your choice , you will be treated as a customer and by promoting at least two sales, One in your Left and another in your Right , you will become an Independent Business Distributor / Associate of the Company . Payment can be made at your nearest Regional Branch Offices / Exclusive Franchise Outlets of Company by upfront paying the Product cost and immediately after you made the payment , you will get products according to your own choice along with your user ID. Also Payment can be made Directly to Company ‘s Bank Account by Depositing / Transferring upfront amount through Fund Transfer / RTGS /NEFT etc.* Business Plan :- We have 4 types of Binary Plan ? Star -1 Plan , Star -2 Plan , Star -3 Plan, & Star -4 Plan (All Binary Plans are Daily Capping Plan ) ? Star - 2 Plan , Star – 3 Plan & Star - 4 Plan are the Mirror Reflection Genealogy o f Star -1 Plan . No Direct entry is allowed to Star – 2, Star -3 & Star -4 Plan . Enter the first Plan as Star -1 and Get Upgrade to the Next to Next Level. Star -1 (Ultra) Pair Value- 1:1 =Rs150/- * * ( 1 st Cycle - 1:2 or 2:1 = Rs 150/- ) Capping : 10 Pair per cut-off * STAR-1 (Ultra)Income* Rs 3000/- Per Day ( Power Leg Carry Forward ) Star -1 Ultra Slab / Cycle 1 st Cycle - 1:2 or 2:1 = Rs 150/- 2 nd Cycle - 2:2 = Rs 300/- 3 rd Cycle - 4:4 = Rs 600/- 4 th Cycle - 6:6 = Rs 900/- 5 th Cycle - 8:8 = Rs 1200/- 6 th Cycle - 10:10 = Rs 1500/- 7 th Cycle - 10:10 = Rs 1500/- 8 th Cycle - 10:10 = Rs 1500/- 9 th Cycle - 10:10 = Rs 1500/- 10th Cycle - 10:10 = Rs 1500/- (After 5th Cycle the payout will be released as 10:10 Slab Only ) Star-1 ( Ultra) -Deduction :- The 50% of 8th & 10th cycle shall be Deducted to promote you to the Stra -2 Ultra Level. Total Deduction shall be Rs 750 *2 = Rs 1500/- Star -2 (Ultra) Pair Value - 1:1 =Rs 500/- Capping : 20 Pair per cut –off Star-2(ultra) Income Rs 20,000/- Per Day ( Power Leg Carry Forward ) Star-2 ( Ultra) -Deduction :- The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Binary Payout shall be Deducted completely to promote you Next Level Total Deduction shall be Rs 500* 5 =Rs 2500/- Star -3 (Ultra) Pair Value - 1:1 =Rs 1000/- Capping : 20 Pair per cut –off Star-3 (Ultra) Income Rs 40,000/- Per Day ( Power Leg Carry Forward ) Star-3 ( Ultra) -Deduction :- The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Binary Payout shall be Deducted to promote you to the Star -3 Ultra Level Total Deduction shall be Rs 1000* 5 = 5000/- Star -4 (Ultra) Pair Value - 1:1 = Rs2000/- Capping : 20 Pair per cut –off Star-4 (Ultra) Income Rs 80,000/- Per Day ( Power Leg Carry Forward ) Star-4 ( Ultra) -Deduction :- There shall be no Deduction at Star-4, as there is no promotional Level After Star -4 Note :- Business Hours or Cut-off Time :- Daily two cut-off / two session , 6 PM to 6 AM (1st session) & 6 AM to 6 PM (2nd session)) Payment :- Online Bank Account Transfer (NEFT) Royalty – (Ultra ) When an Independent Distributor /Associate Earns One Pair Income in the Star -2 (Ultra ) Plan then He/ She will be eligible to get Daily Royalty Income From his own team of Rs 25/- per each new Product Package Selling *(Terms and Conditions Apply ) FAQ :- (Frequently Asked Questions) Q:- Why we have adopted Cycle/Slab wise payout or Why we don’t release payout for 1:1 ratio to unlimited depth instead of 10:10 ratio ? Ans :- Do you know why no Carry Forward Binary Plan runs for years, which releases it’s minimum payout for 1:1 ratio, in spite of Capping ? Because according to mathematical calculation, the Carry Forward Binary Plan which releases its minimum payout for 1:1 ratio (irrespective of capping) rapidly reaches a saturation stage, where the distribution of payout exceeds the collection amount. So at that stage the company collapses. So keeping in mind to run the carry forward binary plan for a longer period of time we have adopted Cycle/Slab system. Which is highly appreciated and accepted by our MLM Leaders. Q:-What is Capping and Why Capping is essential at Carry Forward Binary Plan? Ans:- Mostly the term “Capping” is used by the Binary MLM Companies . Capping means maximum limit of money that we can earn in certain period. Explanation :- In Binary compensation plan, there will be some incentive if there is a “pair” (one joining in the left side and one joining in the right side). We have Rs 150/- as the incentive per pair. Suppose you have done 10:10 in a session then you are eligible to get Rs1500 for that session, also there are some other new associates who have completed the Cycle 1:2, 2:2, 4:4, 6;6, 8;8 (for those 10:10 new joining) so they are also eligible to get payment according to the Business Plan. Suppose you have done 20:20 in a session, then the company will be liable to pay you 10 x 150 = Rs1500/- only, Because those 20 joining will be counted for your sponsor too, and his/her sponsor too, up to the topmost member. If the company pays you for all the joining, that would be Bankrupt. So, We have to limit the daily payout to each member. For example, we have put it like “Per session Capping 10 Pairs”. (Which means, even you have 20 or 200 pairs in a day/per session, your income will be limited to 10 pairs only, 150 x 10 = 1500 ) Hope I made you understand. Q:- Is there any plan which doesn’t have capping and runs forever? Yes, we have Repurchase plan which has no Capping and it it will run forever. You can earn as much as you can. Which is the ultimate solution. Please contact the Senior Associates of your team for more details. Or You may contact Our Customer Care number - 90907 80808.

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  • 19 February, 2020
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