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 proceedings described below are not the rules as we usually understand them to remind you that there are no rules as such in the System.These are just some free advices or you can say algorithm about how to work with the System. By strictly following this advice or algorithm, the participants of this System will be able to achieve benefits maximum upto 400.   system . , algorithm algorithm participants 400   The official sources of information in the System is the official web-site itself . There are no official sources other than that. . .  Basically, it is nothing but an abstract calculating unit. It is based on Win-Loss System.   , . .  We have 4 different " Rates" The purchasing of MAVRO for each participant is 5000 INR at the first time . Then the participant has to choose any one rate amongst these 4 rates after confirmation hisher commitment of &ldquoBuy Mavro&rdquo. Rates Including PrincipleA 100B 200C 300D 400  In every situation participant has to pass with an interesting &ldquoLuck-Play&rdquo.As per the result the participant either will Win or get Loss.The schedule of the rates and the chosen Luck-Play is as -   4 ""   MAVRO 5000 INR . 4 -     100 200 300 400   " "     Sl.No.Rate SelectedThe Mavro will be Credited in the accountSafety Plan Name  If participant WinsIf participant Loose  01.1005,000 Mavro5,000 Mavro100Plan A02.20010,000 Mavro3,750 Mavro 75Plan B03.30015000 Mavro2,500 Mavro 50Plan C04.40020,000 Mavro1,250 Mavro 25Plan D Game Result Timing &ndash 15.30 GMT 9.00 pm Every Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday  You can sale your Mavro Minimum 5,000 to Maximum 20,000 Mavro one time Only Multiple of 5,000 From Level Bonuses Maximum Only 5,000 is allowed per week.For 100 & Above club members this limit is 10,000 per week.  After the confirmation of the sold mavro Total 20,000 one has to re-enter by purchasing 5,000 Mavro again to get the chance of the playing of the Luck-Game. It is the mandatory process to re-enter again. If the participant doesn&rsquot follow the step he will not be allowed to sale the rest balanced Mavro.   - 0900 p.m. , ,    5000 Mavro 20,000 Mavro 5000 Mavro    5000 Mavro 100 10000 Mavro   20,000 mavro 5,000 Mavro .  . , Mavro .  .As per request of the System, a participant MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS to the bank account of the specified participant. In case the participant refuses to transfer the money as per the System&rsquos request - this particular participant will permanently be DELETED from the System . The particular request of transfer will be forwarded to another participant.  System , participant participant 48 transfer Participant System money transfer participant system delete participant transfer participant   The reasons for ID's which will be deleted permanently from the System without option to restore are  - If a participant is a Recipient and does not confirm receiving of funds from another participant within 48 hours after the payment is made - If there is anything else other than authentic proof of document is attached by Sender E.g- fake slip or wrong slip or any image etc. - If a participant tries to misguide by sending false information to MMMCRO   System ID Delete   - participant Recipient participant 48  - attachment Sender  - participant, MMMCRO .  In MMM-SINGLE-LEG SYSTEM &ndash all participants will be placed in single universal leg.  There are two types of "Bonuses&rdquo &ldquoReferral-Bonus&rdquo and &ldquoLevel-Bonus&rdquo. &bull &ldquoReferral-Bonus&rdquo is a "bonus&rdquo which a participant will receive for each new participant he introduces to the System. &ldquoReferral-Bonus&rdquo is 250 Mavro for each reference. It will be given from the second referral onwards. &bull &ldquoLevel-Bonus&rdquo is a Bonus given to the participants against the development of Universal Leg as per his strength.  Bonuses - referral "bonuses&rdquo and level "bonuses&rdquo. &bull Referral Bonus Bonus participant participant system Referral "bonus&rdquo 250 Mavro second referral and onwards   &bull "level bonus " single leg . This will be given in the following calibers-After 1 Referral &ndash 10 Mavro for each participant from Universal LegAfter 10 Referrals &ndash 20 Mavro for each participant from Universal LegAfter 50 Referrals &ndash 30 Mavro for each participant from Universal LegAfter 100 Referrals &ndash 40 Mavro for each participant from Universal LegAfter 500 Referrals &ndash 50 Mavro for each participant from Universal LegAfter 1000 Referrals &ndash 100 Mavro for each participant from Universal Leg  "Bonuses" are confirmed only after your referraldownline transfers full 100 amount - to another participant.  Referral and level "Bonuses&rdquo are given only on first time given help by your participant.  "" downline 100 "" .  For transferring the funds you can use NEFT, Online Banking or direct Cash Deposit. Transfer charges are always paid by Recipient.  In case of large-scale panic, the CALM regime will be introduced. Payments will be stopped during this period, and for "buying" MAVRO everybody will get a bonus. It seems one week is more than necessary to calm people. All these panic attacks are of an emotional, spontaneous nature, without any regular base Because the System MMM-Single-Leg does work There is no doubt about it. Usually it is just necessary to suppress the first wave and to avoid allowing it to grow and get stronger, and to give all the participants some time to calm down. -   , CALM regime MAVRO BONUS , , System MMM Single Leg . , participants   Call Us For Any Support- 01. MAHARASHTRA       8898636053 02. UTTAR PRADESH         9889250340 03. RAJASTHAN        9309013330 04. ASSAM                  9954275318 05. MAHARASHTRA 9011856571 06. HARYANA 9310036745 07. CHATTISGARH 9589038899 08. DELHI 8750563641  09. MAHARASHTRA 8291211881 010. UTTAR PRADESH 9044773697 11. CHATTISGARH 9713624285  12. CHANDIGARH 9023035430

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