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Although this episode gives an idea of ??the mystery of Indian astrology, although 'human-life' and Indian astrology, it is necessary to consider the subject independently. Famous astrologer of India Ajay Shastri ji, who through astrology, gives a sense of movement happening in the life of a person. The goal of almost all Indian science is to develop its soul and to harmonize or equate it with the divine. The goal of all philosophy or science is to solve the deep puzzles of the world. Astrology, being a science, tries to convey the mystery of all this universe. The solution to any kind of problem going on in your life is possible through astrology.

Jyoti also comes another name of astrology: Shastra, which means to give light or to tell about light; That is, astrology is the science that gives full light to the heart of the world, the mysteries of life and death and the joys and sorrows of life. Astrologer Ajay Shastri has said in the Chandrayoga Upanishad about Brahma that, "The present life of man is the result of his pre-beliefs and desires and the resolution he makes in this life becomes the same from here, So one should pay attention to it. " Perfect Life, Manumya, Prakash and the establishment of desires and themes of all minds. "It is clear from this that by building the present life based on the elements of astrology, the agreement of Brahma can be formed.

Both these goals have been practical and economical for the makers of Indian astrology. From the first point of view, the mystery of this scripture can be called calculus and liquor to understand human society in relation to country and time. The goal of this scripture is to analyze and analyze the molecules of natural substances. All earthly pursuits are only related to the relation of the Drik, Desha and Kaal, without the knowledge of these three, no action of practical life can be executed properly. Where ferocious planets with odd rays move at their own pace, they have a bad effect on the health and intelligence of the inhabitants with their negative effects. You do not have to worry, within your life you are facing any problem that you cannot find a solution, so you can always help yourself with the help of Ajay Shastri.

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