Best Apartment Management Software and Society Management Software

Trusted by 9000+ Apartment Association Members across India. As residents of a housing society or apartment complex or a gated community, it is very important to stay updated of the financial status of your community. Every resident has the right to know the breakdown of the maintenance charges paid to the Association regularly. They are also within their rights to be informed of all the categories, on which, the maintenance bill is calculated. Trusted by 9000+ Apartment Association Members across India. A gated community or housing society employs staff for the upkeep of the community. They also need to invest in items often for use in the apartment complex. A society/apartment management software helps to streamline the collection of finances, keeping more meticulous records and optimising expenditure to save more. Pay Only What Is Asked Pay Easy, Pay Safe Are You Underusing Your Facilities? Take A Step Towards Financial Sustainability For more information contact us. Website:

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  • 23 June, 2022
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