Bank On Traffic Basic Strategy Instructions & How To BT Strategy  Bank On Traffic I want to teach you the basics about Bank On Traffic compensation plan. When you start in Bank On Traffic as a paid member whichever &lsquoBusiness Package Set&rsquo you purchase will be complementary. This means that it won&rsquot require any traffic or sales referrals for you to earn from it.  In this post I will explain in details the best business package to choose from and the best option to go for depending on what you want from the program. Short term earnings, long term earnings, security, low risk fast compensation, high risk slow compensation, it will all depend on what you are looking for. JOIN Here http64.84.55.178SSingh  To understand some of the terms, you need to read the Introduction to Bank On Traffic, this will give you the most basic details of the compensation plan.  Note Here you will get the explanation of how the basic strategy works, to get the Step by Step Illustrated instructions you need to be part of my team. There will also be a Free Lead Capture Page system with follow up letters with your referral link, custom banners and more for all of my team members.  Bank On Traffic Basic Strategy  As soon as you become an affiliate with Bank On Traffic you will face your first choice, which is the Business package set to buy. The first set is the most important one because it is a complementary set, which means that it does not require any traffic or sales referrals to generate income. At this point you want to go the highest possible, if you can afford the Elite set for 6,065 then go for it as it will reach ET Earning Target, which is double its value 12,100 without any requirements.If you can afford only a smaller set or feel comfortable with a smaller set, then go for it. The Pro set for 665 is a good option which reaches ET 1,300. JOIN Here http64.84.55.178SSingh  There are three 3 different membership levels Standard, Gold and Platinum. You can go straight with Standard as it can be upgraded later when needed.  Now that you have your membership level and business package set, is time to choose your repurchase feature. There are two 2 different repurchase options. 100 and 50.The 100 repurchase option, will repurchase all the balance and generate additional business packages.The 50 repurchase option, will only purchase half of the income as additional business packages and the remaining 50 will be credited to your ewallet available balance.The best choice to go for on the first run is 100, this will double the amount of business packages that you have and so it will also double your income potential in the future. On the second round you can set it to 50 and that will create exactly double the amount you spent when you made your first purchase plus many business packages to generate additional income.If you want to Hit & Run, you can set it to 50 on both run and this way you will get your money out faster but in the long term this will hurt your business a lot.JOIN Here http64.84.55.178SSinghFor maximum long term income, you can set both complementary run to 100 and this will quadruple your income potential for the following run. After the complementary run is over, you will need to either purchase Traffic Packages or generate Sales Refer others to keep on earning.This is how it all works.For any question Skype Me sidhanath.singhJOIN Here http64.84.55.178SSinghRegards,Sidhanath SinghSkype Sidhanath.singh

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