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A Hong Kong based IPO listed company launched in India legally.
project is to convert physical currency and physical Bank in to Global Digital currency and Global Digital Bank

Ask these question to your concerned leaders / networkers/ investor/---- Except Wow group of company,Is there any global reputed branded company whose having own bank ? (2)Issuing master card to take payout in local banks ATm anywhere in the world(3)is there any company which trades in all physical & digital currency (4)Is there any company which gives valued coins against investment package that can be sell or exchanged or encash (5)Is there any company where DAILY GROWTH & PROFIT is 100% sure Guaranteed (6)Is there ant company having legal bank account to transact internationally ??? (7)Is there any company ,Having OWn Mobile manufacturing Unit+ Gas & Energy Minings+ Petroleum minings (8)All staff members including CEO+ DIRECTORs are Global personality .....Only Wow is Having This ALL IN One .....Thats it..

1. Having office in Chennai 1400 sqand PVT Ltd company.
2. Before collecting any amount from India they have done all legal formalities
3. First time in the world giving Insurance for the Principe amount from LLYODS LONDON. Insurance company.
4. Company has own bank and issuing debit card.
5. Installing 675 ATM machines in India.
6. Company has own Institute for our project from basic to PhD and affiliated with many university
around the world including Fudan University.
7. Big Events going to be happened at Bangkok 1500 celebrities from India and 5000 around from world.
8. Company has arranging big Wow currency conference in Thailand all currency related people
from all part of World is participating.
9. Even Bit coin also going to merge with us.
10. 100% you can get income from Local Bank.

Any more details plz contact me---
Nadeem --09204950979. / whatsapp- +91-9308032901.

1$-- 70/- INR Buy 1$---60/- INR SELL B- Binary D- Direct L- Level

Joining packs..
Joining Usd : Reffer/Direct Income : Binary : Level : Capping
100$ 5% 5% 0% 100$ daily
500$ 6% 6% 3% 500$ "
1000$ 7% 7% 3% 1000$ "
3000$ 8% 8% 3% 3000$ "
5000$ 9% 9% 3% 5000$ "
10000$ 10% 10% 3% 7500$ "
30,000$ 11% 10% 3% 8500$ "
50,000$ 12% 10% 3% 10000$ "
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