..2 month me amount double guaranteed, 9424420735, only 2 month , daily bank withdrawl.

ALMARAI.IN   MO. KHAN I ALMARAI INSTANT PAYOUT i i  , - i ALMARAI   .  i i   BUSINESS PLAN , LEGAL DOCUMENTS , MANAGEMENT i i i  ---------COMPANY"S BUSINESS PLAN AND TERMS &CONDITIONS ARE VERY SIMPLE AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHICH ARE AS FOLLOWS If u Invest Rs.3000- then u will get Rs.100- per day for 60 daysInvest Rs. 6000- then u will get Rs.200- per day for 60 daysInvest Rs. 12500- then u will get Rs.500- per day for 60 daysInvest Rs. 25000- then u will get Rs.1000- per day for 60 daysInvest Rs. 50000- then u will get Rs.2000- per day for 60 daysWORKING INCOME  DirectReferral 5Binary10PinGenerate From Wallet  5 Per Day Capping 15000 TERMS AND CONDITIONS  1 Direct  Referral , Binary And IOF BV will be  Credit in E WalletDaily Midnight,2 To qualify for first binary Income you need to have 12 or 21 .Second set on ward ratio need to be 11 .3 Bv Can Transferred From One ID to Another  ID,  Minimum 300BV  Can Transfer One ID to Another ID,4 Every Day Bank withdrawal.  Minimum 300 rs Will Accept For Bank Withdrawal5 Purchase Of Pins 50 For Each IDIf  You Want To Buy A Pin 50 BV use From E Wallet And 50 Amount You Have To Deposit In Company  Bank Account 6 Power line Carry on, Weaker leg Flush Out. If Power Not Used MoreThan 8 Days 10 Power Will Be Flush Out,7 One Mobile Number E mail ID Can Use 7 IDs Only.8 1 IOF 20 Hrs , 2 Hrs  Gap Between Next  IOF , You Will Not GetIOF On Saturday, Sunday, And Govt holidays9   10 Admin 10 TDS.  IOF MEANS INVEST ON FOREX TRADING COMPANY ME JURNE KE LIYE AUR PURA SUPPORT PANE KE LIYA NICHE DIYE GAYEMOB.NO. PAR SAMPARK BHI KAR SAKTE HAI Call 9424420735 KHANEmail- 

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