All Kinds 5cl Adbb Noids Precursors Kit Eutylon Ku Apihp Alpha

All Kinds  5cl Adbb Noids Precursors  Kit Eutylon Ku Apihp Alpha

【 Product 】

Crystal  : New 2fdcket1, eutylone-d5,α-PHiP,α-PiHP, Apihp, Molly , N-Dimethylpentylone , Arketamines , 2Brdck , Ketoclomazone , dmt , Flak , new apv ,  bkebdp , bkmdma , Butylone , 2mmc , N-Benzylisopropylamine , 3-Cl-PCP 


Benzos : Nitrazolam , Bromazolam , etizolam , Deschloroetizolam , Pyrazolam , Bromonordiazepam , Adinazolam , Metonitazene , Pregabalin , 9-Hydroxy etizolam , Bromazepam , Brotizolam Lendormin


New opioid : Protonotazene/Iso  , Cannabidiol , Olinvyks  and more 

【5cladb adbb semi-finished / Precursors 】

【A variety of high-quality raw materials (can produce a variety of products you need 】

  N-Benzylisopropylamine  N-Isopropylbenzylamine cas 102-97-6 / BMK / PMK / Acid / Pregabalin / Cas49851-31-2 / Cas 1451-82-7 / Cas 103-90-2 / Cas 102-97-6 / Cas1401028-24-7 / Cas 593-51-1 / Cas506-59-2 / Cas593-81-7 /cas 79099-07-3 more

【Various API products 】

【Chemical Research / RC 】




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Threema--CVVMNBV7 (Normal)


Whatsapp--+1 3235778048  (Normal) →

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【About us】

In 2024, we have been established for 10 years,

Specializing in the production of fine chemicals, biochemicals, pesticides and other organic chemicals, organic intermediates, various raw materials.Involved in the production of high quality product which are pure and uncut.


We will deliver safely without any worries and promptly. We are have a reship policy which permits goods which have not been successfully delivered to be reship at our cost.


it is very easy to place an order from us, and our shipping is very fact and safe.


If you once been cheated, waiting a so long time for restock, or received the bad quality products or failure to receive the packages

Please Do not Hesitate to Contact us, we can solve all the problems above,test the quality of goods.


Free shipping Benzos powder ,  Stimulants crystal , Analgesia opioid , Anesthesia , Raw material powder 

and more Pharmaceutical intermediates ,Chemical Research , special offer

Wholesale prices 

Small profits but quick turnover


【Please contact me to get product information】



-Organic intermediate anesthesia

-Organic intermediate analgesic

-Various chemical production raw materials


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  • 06 April, 2023
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