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Dear Friends, Review this Plan I assume this is going to be the next big thing in India as it is creating a lot of Buzz around. It is a new concept which has been launched in December in India and is still in its initial stages. It would run in over 90 countries and on a No-Sponsoring single line system which will act as a Feeder Gateway and after that it becomes an automated programme. It is a simpler form of a Board Plan and if you sponsor people it will act as a booster for your commission income. Please join immediately as the placement and automatic upgradation is on a first come first placed basis. I have reached the next level within 30 minutes of joining and have earned 65 immediately and now I am waiting for the next level to complete which will fetch me 350 on completion. Speak to me when you view the plan Quick Huge Cah  Discover An Opportunity That Will Change Your Life One huge global straight line... not MLM... no Matrix...- a true NO SPONSORING required program -where EVERYONE helps everyone to make lots of money An opportunity like this only comes along every 10 or 20 years.It&rsquos Amazing, It&rsquos Global and It&rsquos Unique. Eliminate Debt, Create Wealth Click here to join  httpwww.ultamex.comsudhanshuSit Back Relax and Calculate This...You'll first get paid 25 as soon as the 1st person falls under you in the single line - no matter where they came fromThen, there are 5 more levels where you will be paid350 - 1,150 - 3,550 - 7,150 - 21,550 commissions earned after completing each level  That&rsquos Over 33K . . . without SPONSORING ONE PERSONRemember, all of this happens WITHOUT you having to buildyour own team  All of this is from the single line - where we ALL help each other get pushed throughIf you do enjoy sponsoring - there are sponsor bonsues Cut and paste the following link in the browser  httpwww.ultamex.comsudhanshuThanks & RegardsSudhanshu Jindal

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