A challenging Multi Million Global Business project

 As a wise person once observed ,"your mind is like a PARACHUTE. It only works when it's open."Today , more than ever before, it's imperative that we open our minds and become aware that jobs are a system for income creation,not wealth creation. I believe that if people are serious about getting ahead in Life-instead of just getting by-then they have to get off their assumptions and open their minds to alternative ways to creating Wealth I believe that the 95ers -that is people who continue to enter the door marked JOB-will continue to end up right back on the street where they started. I believe , however, that if we are TRULY sincere about getting different results and becoming 5ers, we need to entering doors that will open to wealth creation. I am looking to connect with people who like to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX,motivated,self driven,passionate,SERIOUS start own global legitimate business, be own boss, control own income. A challenging Multi Million Global Business project for or newestablished Entrepreneurs looking for an interesting business opportunity. We are looking to expand our World Wide Footprint A 100 Video Communication Venture along with like minded SERIOUS business partners.. To explore this and decide on a possible partnership, please email your details to mvtshivanigmail.com or drop in your email address with your city name and contact number. Skype id   mvtshivaniu can call me at 91-8512060424 8126667044Shivani 

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