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JUST LAUNCHED NOW HURRY UP,-----------------------------------------इस बारइसे मिस मत करना नहीं तो बाद में पछताते रहोगे दोस्तों।खेर तो कोई बात नही.....अब आइये और zooncy का हाथ थामिए और टाॅप पोझीशन ले लीजिये।और वास्तव में पुरा India दौड़ पड़ा है और बहुत जल्दीपूरी दुनिया दौड़ेगीइसकी और इस जादुई concept के साथ, इस बार आपकही पीछे ना रह जाये दोस्तों???NEWLY LAUNCHED50% binary income10% direct income25% weekly ( 8week )10% Exchanger incomeBUSINES PLAN1) BASIC PACK 50$,Every week 25%,monthly profit 100%,8 week. Daily capping 50$2) ADVANCE PACK 100$Every week 25%Monthly profit 100%, 8 weeksDaily capping 100$,3) STANDARD PLAN 200$Every week 25%Monthly profit 100% 8 weeksDaily capping 200$4).PREMIUM PACK-500$Every week 25% monthly profit 100%Daily capping-500$SIGNUP LINK. http://www.Zooncy.com/Rajput अब अवसर मत गंवाना इस 50% Binary 10% direct वाला प्लानवो भी 25% weekly return के साथ जुड़ने से.. Start हो गया 15/08/16 सेSUPER INVESTMENT WORKING / NONWORKING PLAN WITHBIG INCOME OPPORTUNITY,HURRY UP LEADERS AND INVESTORS.BUSINESS PLAN----------------------------------------------INVESTMENT PACKAGES :_Basic Package :-3500($50)Advance Package:-7000($700)Standard Package:-14000($200)Premium package:-35000(500$).---------------------------------------------Weekly ROI:------------------------------WEEKLY 25% ROI TILL 8 WEEKS ON YOUR INVESTMENT.25% × 8 = 200% ROI (TOTAL)WORKING INCOME-------------------------------------------Binary Income -50%Direct Income -10%Exchanger income-10%-----------------------------------------DAILY BINARY CAPPING :3500/-7000/-14000/-35000/-(AS PER YOUR PACKAGE)POWER LEG CARRY FORWARD.---------------------------------------------Payment Accepted By----------------------------------------------PERFECT MONEYINR,BITCOIN,PAYOUT : EVERY 3 days once.MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL ₹700/-GET TOP POSITION :*SEND FOLLOWINGDETAILS:* BY SMS OR WhatsAppEMAIL ID_MOBILE NUMBER___FULL NAME_ http://www.Zooncy.com/Rajput zooncy is better than digideal*1.*ROI 25% per week compare to 15%2. Capping Almost double to joining*3.*Joining starts at just $ 50*4.*daily withdrawal5. bticoin,perfectmoney,INR,Exchanger as joining option*7.*Just launched on 15th August 2016 better opportunity to develop team and become leaders SPONCER ID" Rajput" RIGHT SIDE POWER LINE CHOICE KARO POWER MILEGA CONTACT 7058329517
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