5 most popular slot machines that conquered gamble

Developed by IGT in 1986, Megabucks is the world's first progressive jackpot slot machine. This means that each player contributes to the formation of the jackpot with each of his bets. Thanks to this, gamblers have the opportunity to win vast amounts of money. Also, you can play any of these slot machines here: https://jackmobilecasinos.com/free-slots-no-download/. Megabucks Megabucks are designed like most slot machines that saw the light at the end of the 20th century. It consists of five reels with sixty active pay lines. The minimum bet for the game is three coins or 3 dollars. Many of the biggest jackpots ever won are ociated with Megabucks slots. It was this machine in 2003 that brought an anonymous software engineer who played at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas a record win of $ 39.7 million. Wheel of Fortune, IGT Wheel of Fortune or "Wheel of Fortune" from the same developer IGT is also traditionally included in the list of the most favorite slot machines for gamblers. He gained fame thanks to the popular TV show of the same name in the United States. In 1996, the developers bought the rights to use the Wheel of Fortune in the slot, and they paid off - soon, these machines filled all casinos. Many versions of Wheel of Fortune appeared later, but the original 3-reel progressive jackpot machine remains at the top of the ratings. Thanks to him, many became millionaires and changed their lives. Mega Fortune, NetEnt Mega Fortune from the famous developer NetEnt is another progressive jackpot slot machine that is very popular in the land-based and virtual sectors of the gambling market. The symbols of this slot are jewels, dollars, yachts, and expensive cars. We can say that this theme inspires to win and a luxurious life. For many people, Mega Fortune provided it. For example, in 2013, an undisclosed Finn won 17.8 million euros on it. His jackpot for two years was a record in the world of online gambling. Mega Moolah, Microgaming In 2015, the Mega Fortune record was surped on another slot machine - Mega Moolah from Microgaming from 2006. It was done by the Briton John Haywood, who won 17 879 645 euros. Unlike the previous slot, Mega Moolah has a relatively funny and straightforward theme and takes players to hot Africa. The animals, which are the heroes of the place, can present the player with many successful combinations and provide him with bonus rounds. The chances of winning are great, as there are as many as four progressive jackpots here. Cleopatra, IGT The Cleopatra slot machine from IGT is in the most significant demand among gamblers among many other Egyptian-themed slots, although it is already almost 20 years old. The reason for its popularity was the opportunity to get free spins - free spins of the reels. Now, this is difficult to surprise anyone because most modern slots have such a function, but then, when the Cleopatra slot had just appeared, it was a great rarity. It remains popular today for its uncluttered and straightforward gameplay.

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  • 04 October, 2021
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