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4life Transfer Factor Boost your IMMUNITY 437  Highest Payout in Industries 64
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4life Transfer Factor Boost your IMMUNITY 437 Highest Payout in Industries 64

 Boost Your IMMUNITY 437www.4life.com15th Fastest Growing Company in USA .HistoryTransfer factor has a history of more than 50 years of research and 3,500 clinical studies have been published. More than US40 million have been spent on research and development. Scientists and medical professionals from 60 countries study it. See the research materials Transfer factor is NOT a vitamin, NOT a herb, NOT a fruit, NOT a drug, NOT a hormone. Transfer factors are miracle molecules from Mother Nature. They are immune messenger molecules that transfer critical immune knowledge to the immune system. They are found in blood, colostrum and egg yolks. BACKGROUND INFORMATIONWHAT IS IMMUNE SYSTEM ?The Immune System is our natural innate defence mechanism and provides the military intelligence to wade off and destroy both invading pathogens and malignancies developing within the body It supports our Cardiovascular System, Metabolic System, Endocrine System and Nervous System.50 years of research and an estimated US40,000,000 has been spent on research and there are more than 3,000 scientific studies endorsing Transfer Factors &ndash a technological breakthrough to a new dimension in Nutritional Science &ndash Unique, Exclusive, Patented & Effective.4 Life starts manufacturing Transfer Factor under patent in 1998 and are now in over 40 countries across the globe.4 Life is the only Company in the world that can boast of having 7 Targeted Transfer Factor products formulated to provide the required nutritional support to address the devastatingchallenges of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer&rsquos, Parkinson's and viral infections. ABOUT OUR PRODUCT-BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY 437Transfer Factor RioVida - the world&rsquos most powerful liquid anti-oxidant Transfer factor drink boosts NKC natural Killer cell activity of the immune system to an impressive 283 over baseline - excellent for general well being, allergies and autoimmune challenges.Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, boosts NK cell activity to an impressive 283 over baseline and is the most powerful and effective immune system modulator product in the world, making it a front line nutritional supplement for general well being and to support the immune system to address thechallenges of autoimmune diseases and today there are over 88 autoimmune diseases in the world.Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus, boosts NKC activity to a massive 437 over baseline and was proved to be at least 800 more powerful than any product in medical or nutritional literature. This product has a proven 97 cancel kill rate and is excellent for boosting NKC activity to help fight infectious, viral and malignant challenges.Our line of Targeted Transfer Factor products are listed in the American PDR Physician's Desk Reference, which is the equivalent of the British National Formulary. Independent laboratory tests by the institute of Longevity Medicine, have substantiated that Transfer Factor does not interact with drugs, has zero toxicity at servings even 200 times the recommended basic serving and was proven to be excellent as cancer adjuvant therapy. The Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development, following clinical trials in hospitals from 2000 through 2003, on patients suffering with HIV infection, cancer, hepatitis B and C, herpes, urogenital chlamydiosis,  severe bacterial infections osteomyelitis, helminthic invasions opisthiorchiasis, dermatoses psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and duodenal ulcers, concluded the effectiveness and safety, the duration of treatments, the doses of Transfer Factor products and their usage not only in the above mentioned diseases, but in the complex treatment of various pathological conditions.The Russian Government has since officially endorsed the usage of 4 Life Research Transfer Factor products in all hospitals and clinics throughout the Russian Federation in addressing immune rehabilitation associated with Infectious-Inflammatory and Somatic Diseases. This is a world's 1st as no other Company be it a drug company, a manufacturer of micronutrients or a network marketing company marketing micronutrients, has received such endorsement.4 Life has chosen to market its entire range of nutritional products under the umbrella of Multi Level Referral Marketing as they concluded it would be the most efficient and ethical vehicle to ensure market penetration across the globe.Transfer factorsHow do they work? Despite their tiny size, transfer factors and nanofractions can make a big impact on the immune system.Be Smart.Your immune system relies on information. Specifically, it needs to know 1 that there&rsquos a problem and 2 how to deal with it. The communication molecules of 4Life Transfer Factor keep your immune system informed and ready to respond.Be Speedy.4Life Transfer Factor® helps your immune system act quickly, keeping your immune system in fighting form.Be Effective.4Life Transfer Factor® educates your immune system it tracks the invaders you&rsquove encountered in the past and how your body dealt with them. This history of success helps your immune system respond quickly and effectively to each new event. Note In accord with FDA regulations, no therapeutic claims are made for 4Life products. BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY 437Immune Disorders&bull Addison&rsquos disease&bull allergies &bull AIDS &bull anemia &bull anti-TBM &bull nephritis &bull ardrides &bull arteritis&bull arthritis &bull asthma&bull autism&bull Bebcet&rsquos syndrome &bull bronchitis&bull cancer 100s &bull cardiomyopathy&bull celiac disease&bull chronic active hepatitis &bull chronic fatigue syndr.&bull colds cold sores&bull Crohn&rsquos disease &bull cryopathies &bull dermatomyositis &bull dermatitis &bull diabetes &bull fibromyalgia&bull flu - various strains&bull flu Asian &bull bird flu&bull gluten-sens. enteropathy&bull Garve&rsquos disease&bull Gullain-Barre syndr. &bull Hashimoto&rsquos thyroiditis &bull hayfever &bull irritable bowel disorder &bull inflamm. bowel disorder &bull rhinitis &bull sinusitis &bull herpes &bull infections &bull hives &bull Kawasaki&rsquos disease &bull lupus &bull lymnes disease &bull mellitus &bull multiple sclerosis &bull myasthenia gravis &bull pernicious anemia &bull polymyositis &bull psoriasis &bull Raynaud&rsquos disease&bull reative ardrides&bull rheumatic fever &bull rheumatoid arthritis &bull sacodidosis &bull SARS virus &bull scleroderma &bull shingles &bull Sjogren&rsquos syndrome&bull thyroid disease&bull and many moreNote In accord with FDA regulations, no therapeutic claims are made for 4Life products.Here is a summary of why 4Life is one of the best business opportunity Today 64 Payout.Sponser ID7684032Shivkumar

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