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Policies and ROI on Your Investments:

5 days refund policy.

Withdraw Your Full Principle at Any Time after 30 Days

Without Any Charge Or Fees

ROI fix and Guaranteed in 30 days:

$30 to $299: 3.70% ROI per Day

$300 to $999: 3.83% ROI per Day

$1000 to $2999: 3.93% ROI per Day

$3000 to $9999: 3.98% ROI per Day

$10,000 to $29,999: 4.03% ROI per Day

$30,000 to $49,999: 4.08% ROI per Day

$50,000 above: 4.13% ROI per Day

or Like This if you leave your investment for:

ROI fix and guaranteed Income:

112% ROI in 1 Month

140% ROI in 3 Month

200% ROI in 6 Month

400% ROI in 1 Year

Paying Structure:

1st day to 29th Day: 0.45% Day

30th day: 100% in 1 Day

Paying from 3 years regular and Working from 10 Years!

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Follow now These Steps to Be the Highest Earner in the Internet Marketing Field:

(After sign up it will shows $1000 for free, that's for monitoring, don't mix up with that amount, that only makes you complicated and confused and that is called 'Virtual Account', which is nothing and equals to Zero. Follow these steps and start up with your real money)

Step: 1 Click on Click Here https://pokeram.com/?ref=2NDBANK To Sign Up, this link will opens a website and looks like below.
Note: Always check "https" for real and trusted site. (After once clicking on Sign up link, firstly you should make your registration, after registration check all the things on site fully and then take your decision of Investments, because if you delay in registration you will lose session and you will not registered with our Group.)

Step: 2 Now you will see 3 options like this:

Click on Add Funds
Step 3: Select your payment processor and fill your amount and click on GO.

Step 4 Click on Create Deposit, and select your account, then select your investment and then Investment level. You will find Levels in 3rd drop down menu.
Step: 5 Click on OK
Monitoring: Now your investment starts growing per day.
Team Benefits:
Team Income:(up to 3 levels)

1st level: 3% on investments every month. (+) 5% daily on referral's profit.
Level 2: 2% daily from 2nd level team's profit.
Level 3: 1% daily from 3rd level team's profit.

Note: If you make 10 direct referrals of $30 to $100,you will earndaily upto $10 to $50 from this system.

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  • 07 March, 2015
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