2000 RS Joining 1500 RS. Binary Value For Money Products New Start

प्री लोन्चींग प्री लोन्चींग Daily payment Daily payout Daily Closing 100% Legal 100% Product Base No Risk No Liability लोंग टर्म Opportunity Daily payment आपके बेंक एकाउंट में 100% केलक्युलेटेड प्लान 100% हाइपर बाइनरी प्लान JOINING ALL PACKAGE- 1999/- only M4 Fitness Bend Suit Length Power Bank Smart Watch Geyser Ges Sefty Device Matching Binary Star plan-1:1=1500 per day 3000 capping The income will be generated according to the member in your downline You will get Rs.1500 per pair pair will be counted 1:1 capping will be 1 pair session daily. Daily capping 3000 Binary session will be 6 AM to 6 PM - 1 pair 1500 capping 1 pair only 6 PM to 6 AM - 1 pair 1500 capping 1 pair only Both side flus out No Carry Forward Daily after receiving daily income No pair will be carry forward in 10 Payout income, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th(only 4 payout cut) payout will be deducted for upgrade in SUPER STAR PLAN Daily Closing Daily payout SUPER STAR PLAN 1:1 =1500 per day 30,000 capping Carry Forward Plan affter 10 payout incom in STAR plan your id will be converted to New *SUPER STAR* and continue to be in the same Binary tree. you will be eligible to the SUPER STAR INCOME in addition to STAR PLAN INCOME Your SUPER STAR INCOME is also follows: you will get Rs.1500 per pair pair will be counted as 1:1 capping will be 10 pair per session daily. Binary Session will be 6 AM to 6PM - capping 10 pair 15,000 6PM to 6 AM -capping 10 pair 15,000 SUPER STAR ID will be carry forward on both side Daily capping 30,000 per day Daily Closing Daily payout 5% TDS 10% Admin & Service charge Product कंपनी अपने खर्च से भेजेगी अधिक जानकारी के लिए call & Watsapp 7045118937 www.phpvortex.com@7045118937 Spo. I'd. PVX288434. Right. Side

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  • 28 December, 2019
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