Why is all saying that the Bit4G can give Bitconnect a collision?

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All saying that the Bit4G can give Bitconnect a collision! The reason behind this, working style is very good, I observe that they don't hurry to take money from you.
In the latest mail, they have informed that we will take the money after starting Lending plan. So it can be trusted, these days company is in beginning face,
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More Details about Bit4G :-

Bit4G is an advanced, cryptocurrency based growth fund, lending and staking platform.
This platform is the culmination of a long-standing dream - To bring the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of trading, and make it accessible to the masses.
At the very heart of Bit4G is a self-learning, AI-based trading algorithm which is way ahead of our times and other 'trading bots' available in the market. That's because it does not follow a single pre-fed trading strategy. Bit4G is truly intelligent in the sense that it is able to learn from every SINGLE trade it makes and continuously improves itself in the process.

Why Choose Bit4G?

Combining Technical Analysis With Real-time news To Perform High-Frequency Trading Using State of the Art Artificial Intelligence

* Exceptional Profits
The crypto space presents an opportunity for some really exceptional upside as it is. We are able to turbocharge this potential to completely new levels by using some really cutting edge, state of the art technology. We combine artificial intelligence with solid mathematical modeling and extremely high quality technical analysis. This makes our algorithms a perfect combination of human ingenuity and machine capabilities.
Highly Scientific Approach

* Highly Scientific Approach
These profits are made possible by using a highly scientific approach to trading. We believe that there's a science behind everything and trading is no different. Over the years, we have been able to repeatedly polish and refine our trading strategy in various kinds of markets, be it commodity, bonds, forex and now, cryptocurrency. Combining these time honed strategy with the power of Artificial Intelligence has unlocked a totally new level of returns which were never possible using a conventional approach.

* Trust
Despite the amazing profit potential, our affiliates face absolutely zero risk when it comes to the security of your digital assets and associated returns. We enjoy healthy margins over and above what is offered to our affiliates and ensure substantial liquidity at every point of time.
User Friendly Interface

* User Friendly Interface
Despite having a plethora of complex algorithms working behind the scenes, the TaaS platform is extremely simple to use. Whether you're trading yourself or using our TradeMatic engine, you would be able to appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness built into the platform.

* Security
We deploy the most sophisticated security infrastructure available throughout the industry to protect your digital assets. Once on our TaaS platform, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge of the facts that all your digital assets are fully insured against any and all kinds of threats.
World Class Suport

* World Class Support
Working with Crypto TaaS, you can be sure of smooth sailing. But in case issues arise and you need help somewhere, a solid support backup is available for all kinds of issues that you might imagine.

Bit4G Lending Plan

* How to use the Bit4G Lending System? *

The users have an option to lend a part of their Bit4G coin holdings to the InteliTrade system. Upon doing so, you start receiving InteliTrade profits every 24 hours. The InteliTrade profits are based upon the trade earnings made by the InteliTrade trading algorithm on that day. The InteliTrade earnings vary within a narrow range on a day-to-day basis.
In totality, Bit4G offers InteliTrade profits of up to 49% per month on your lending amount.
It's easy to invest into Bit4G. Our state of the art platform allows you to obtain B4G coins. Bit4G InteliTrade allows you to profit from our high-frequency trading algorithm. Once you have lent at least a 100 dollar worth of B4G coins, you are able to enjoy healthy profits.
Your profits depend on your investment amount, but you can expect to earn up to 49% monthly which you are able to re-invest to maximize your profitability. In addition to Trading and Mining Bit4G gives you the extra chance to develop further passive income.

Lending Amount Interest Daily Acured Interest Capital
$ 100 - $ 1,000 InteliTrade Profit upto 49% Per Month InteliTrade Profit- After 279 Days
$ 1010 - $ 5,000 InteliTrade Profit upto 49% Per Month InteliTrade Profit +0.15% Daily After 219 Days
$ 5010 - $ 10,000 InteliTrade Profitupto 49% Per Month InteliTrade Profit +0.25% Daily After 159 Days
$ 10,010 - $ 100,000 InteliTrade Profitupto 49% Per Month InteliTrade Profit +0.30% Daily After 119 Days

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Bit4G Youtube Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QxyGpISp_uRZzOdU1jJ0w


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  • 09 December, 2017
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