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Upto125% Monthly

Start This Business with My Personal Guarantee!
With Poker Automatics - $100 Per Day (Guides and Training)

Policies and ROI on Your Investments:
Paying From 10 Years!
5 days refund policy.
Withdraw Your Full Principle at Any Time after 30 Days
Without Any Charge Or Fees

ROI fix and Guaranteed in 30 days:

$30-$299 112% in 1 Month
$300-$999 115% in 1 Month
$1000-$2999 118% in 1 Month
$3000 - $9999 119.5% in 1 Month
$10,000 - $29,999 121% in 1 Month

$30,000 - $49,999 122.5 in 1 Month

$50,000+ 124% in 1 Month

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Like This if you leave your investment for:
(For Investment in $30 to $299)ROI fix and Guaranteed Income:
112% ROI in 1 Month
140% ROI in 3 Month
200% ROI in 6 Month
400% ROI in 1 Year
Paying Structure
1st day to 29th Day: 0.45 to 1% Day
30th day: 100% in 1 Day

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Comparing Poker-Automatics With Other Programs

Comparing with Other Plans
Why to chose pokeram?
Because pokeram is paying little more than other online programs like paidverts, my advertising pays, trafficmonsoon and all others.
But paying structure of pokeram and its style is totally different thats why this is paying from this so long.

Lets Compare it with a Rocking Program PAIDVERTS

What is Paidverts Paying:
It gives you 150% on your Investments.
But it takes approximate 4 months to complete this ROI. (i.e profit of 50%)
(But its way is different and confusing so users can't understand their policy and being trapped in their games, as in starting it pays you a bigger amount amount then they start paying very low as their group levels and if you ask them about they paying now less. then they will to re-invest or manage your group to earning high average. But if your luck is bad then you may lose some amount in BAP SWAP also)
But in actual you are getting only 140% (Deduction at withdrawls and 5% earnings to your sponsor)
But at average it is taking approximate 4 months to complete this ROI without any referrals.


Paying Guaranteed 112 to 125% Guranteed in 30 days. Paying structure is mentioned on Home Page of this blog.
And if you leave your just small amount and you are in just 1st level of investments i.e between $30-$299 and if you leave investment for just 3 months you will get guaranteed 140% and f you leave for 6 months get 200%.
Daily withdrawl of $0.10
Working from 2004.
No any fees or charge.
No work.
No sponsor deduction.
No swaps.
No risk and earning is guaranteed.

Lets Compare it with MAP (My Advertising Pays)

What MAP is paying?
If you buy their one ad pack and invest $50 then they will give you $60 after 2 Months. Means $5 profit in 1 month by working.


If you invest $50 in pokeram you will get $56, means $6 profit in 30 days with Guaranteed figures.
No work.
No deduction
Daily withdrawl of $0.10
working from 11 Years.

Lets Compare it with Trafficmonsson

What Trafficmonsoon is paying?
If you invest $55 you will earn $60 in 30 to 45 days by clicking daily ads.


But same if you invest this $55 in pokeram you will get $62 in 30 days guaranteed.
No work.
Paying from 11 Years!

Now all the figures and company's background and history is in front of you. So now take your decision and stop investing in risky programs.

Note: If you start pokeram you will earn more than you seek.
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