How to Recover Skype Account? Dial 1-866-535-7333 For Online Support

Step 1: Click Problems siging in?, then a website will be opened. That is the homepage of Skype Or you can access this address directly Step 2: Enter the Email address you used to register your account. Click Submit. Step 3: The producer will send a temporary code to the Email address you have entered. Step 4: Open your Email and use the temporary code to sign in your Skype. Change your Skype password (because this code is just valid in 6 hours). In the Email, you have just received : 1. Click Temporary code, then the account name and Email address you used to register for the Skype account will be displayed on a Website. 2. Or if the link in Temporary Code is out of order, you can click Enter the code manually to enter the code by hand. Step 5: Change the password with the Create a new password frame. New password: Enter a new password. - Repeat password: Repeat the password you registered above. Click Change password and sign in to change the password and sign in your Skype account directly. Using above this techniques you can easily recover skype account password for more information visit at 1-866-535-7333 Toll Free Number

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  • 09 April, 2019
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