Friends please read this article carefully....Online classified advertising in india is Rs. 800 crore business. Because of the sheer volume of growth of small scale industries and businesses in india , classified websites tend to grow at a very fast rate. That is the reason many classified portal which were launched in many countries became most successful in india . The indian arm of ebayclassifieds is quikr which is 10 times more successful than its father.The basic reason for the success of classified websites is that in order to advertise their products , people tend to create lot of content on the website. That means a lot of food for Google, although of low search value they add up bit by bit to make it grow through search engines. This is known as hump and tail philosophy for search engine marketing. Rather than having few pages having high search value , classified websites grow with the help of huge number of pages having low search value.Here is a list of top 10 classified websites in india -1. ClickIndia.com -    Alexa rank &ndash 975 Daily income &ndash 3000 Founder &ndash Pankaj agarwal an IIM indore passoutclick india founderThis is the most popular classified website in india with the worst design adapted and i must say its indian craiglist Ugly but popular . First of all if you will go to this website through search engines, searching for some thing, chances are you will click on the adsense ads wisely placed around the content. Its quite easy to develop a feeling after visiting this portal that &rdquo why i came here&rdquo.Clickindia was founded somewhere in noida with 5 people and grew without the fuel of advertisement to the top most slot in india . Amazingly they did it in just two years.2. Quikr.com - Alexa rank &ndash 1100 Daily income &ndash 2500What Clickindia did in two years , quikr did it in one year with the power of money. On the month of its launch they spent a huge amount of money and pumped it in top 10k websites in the world. After that it grew due to its SEO friendly structure and gathered customers made through advertising. Nowadays also quikr spends a huge sum on adwords and is growing on to break on through to the other side. Quikr is indian arm of eBayclassifieds Classified arm of eBay. The difference between clickindia and quikr is the diffrence in design. If clickindia care only for the content and growth rate, quikr have tried its best for making itself look like a glossy and soothing design. The only constraint it have bounded itself up to is that it have restricted itself to only 40 cities in india.3. Olx.in - Alexa rank -2200 Daily income -1300 Founder -Fabrice Grindafabrice grindaFabrice grinda founded olx in year 2006 and now it is present in 90 countries. The overall revenue of olx is 5 million each year and its growing at an astronomical rate. The indian venture that is olx.in is one of the most successful business and have a huge share in its overall revenue. Fabrice grinda is an economics graduate and showed the world that how its possible to earn a huge revenue with a few PHP pages. Olx consists of 140 employees and Fabrice is CEO and founder of this crocodile website.4. Click.in - Alexa Rank &ndash 3962 Daily Income &ndash 700Click.in is the 4th most popular website in india. Its a venture of OneIndia.in , a famous news portal with a world rank 600. Clearly it gets a lot of referral traffic from oneindia.in , thats why i don&rsquot respect websites like these with existing godfathers. Although the design is cool and easily crawlable by both Google and users.5. Locanto.in &ndash Alexa rank &ndash 5348 Daily Income &ndash 500Locanto have launched itself in 40 countries and five major languages. Locanto.in is indian classified and its also quite popular. As tha name suggest locanto gives lot of sh about putting location while posting. For example its mandatory to put pin code while posting your ad. Who will tell them that half of india do not know their pin code.6. vivastreet.co.in &ndash Alexa Rank &ndash 7500 Daily Income &ndash 400Vivastreet operates itself in 17 countries with its most successful venture in india. The unique feature of this classified is its browsable map like structure. Go on the home page and you will see the map of india along with small links of categories and locations.7. Adoos.in &ndash Alexa rank &ndash 11,000 Daily Income &ndash 250Adoos was founded in 2003 and started its classified business from spain. Now it have spread its feet over 60 countries and 13 languages. Not at a faster growth rate like other big players, adoos still is stable at its current position.8.  Indialist.com &ndash Alexa Rank &ndash 17,000 Daily Income - 170Indialist is a classified business of BharatMatrimony.com. Although the website is still seo friendly but not good looking with the worst color combination possible. Whether it will remain at this spot or slip below by upcoming competitors, that is a thing to watch in near future.9. Khojle.in - Alexa Rank &ndash 17,000 Daily Income -140Khojle is the online startup of dainik jagran group. Clearly another offline godfather and even after its seo unfreindly structure it have made it to the top 10 list in 2 years and now growing at a fast rate. I wonder why they have given the search box in the size of an elephant and wanna force users to search.10. adeex.com -Adeex is the freshest and looking forward to make it big in the indian classified market. The best things about this website is that although its new it have hugely invested in adwords campaign and tried its best to make it a better place to search for classifieds. I hope you have read it carefullyDo you want yourself one of them? We will give you classified website just in Rs. 4990- with Google adsense program, where Google will provide you ads and will pay for that. You will get payment directly from Google.Also we will give you video tutorial guide on how to promote your website, how to attract peoples on your website, so you can earn more and more money.This not mlm, no joining fees, no plan. you will be the owner of the websiteBusiness for life time, earning for lifetime For more info call vijay  09867707988

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