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  MLM sector mein SUCCESS hone keliye 3 chiz ko dhyan se SELECT karna padta hai. 1. RIGHT COMPANY FOR WORK 2. RIGHT PLAN FOR EARN OR  3. RIGHT UP-LINE Iss 3 chizo mein se koi ek ka saath nahi hone se aap  FAIL hosakte hai.  FULLY SUPPORT....CALL Rajesh.... 8875566735   How To become an Associate To become an Associate Permanent Shopping Customer of NMart one has to pay Rs 5500- only by ChequeDDNEFT RTGS in favour of NEW LOOK MULTITRADE PVT. LTD.  The Associate gets a PERMANENT SHOPPING NUMBER User ID, through which they can login and modify their account.  Access to NMART website is reserved for registered associates only. Associates will be notified offers exclusive sale and events in advance, by e-mails and SMS.   Benifits Free Purchase Vouchers Each Associate will get free purchase vouchers of NMART stores worth Rs. 220- each month for 48 months, which can be redeemed at any NMART retail outlet across India.  Smart Card Along with purchase voucher each associate will get smart card. Credit Facility In addition to the compensation plan company has also introduced credit facility of Rs. 1500- for its Associate. Statement will be generated on first of every month and account has to be settled by 15th every month. Credit to be availed from any NMART store across India.  NMart Loyalty Bonus Every associate of n mart will get N Mart Loyalty bonus of Rs. 11,000- after 48 months.   Conditions Apply   Working Incentive Associate will have to introduce 2 Associate on both side and a tail to avail benefit of Working Incentive.  Left Affiliates Right Affiliates Pair Income P.P. 600 100 100 60,000-   Spill Over Magic After joining your two direct referrals, your third direct will be called as spill over. On every spill over and his two direct legs A and B you will get Rs. 200- income on every Associate.    Jupiter Royalty After completion of 100 pairs in Working Incentive you will be qualified to avail this income Amount of Rs. 150- from every new joining will be distributed monthly to the qualified achievers. After Qualifying for Royalty  To Obtain Royalty Income atleast 20 20 new joinings on both sides every month is compulsory.   Repurchase Incentive Income will be distributed up to 15 th level on purchase of your downline A.A.P. Associate Applicable Price    Awards and Rewards Benifits SAVE MONEY by using available shopping opportunities. Share the Savings with Your Friends and Family. Access to members-only areas of the Nmart web site. Educate and benefit your fellow shoppers within Nmart. Get recognition through ACHIVER&rsquoS CLUB. Free Purchase Vouchers Each Associate will get free purchase vouchers of NMART Mall worth Rs. 220- each month for 48 months, which can be redeemed at any NMART retail outlet across India. Nmart Associate can purchase any goods of their choice except ghee, sugar or oil. These vouchers are generated online and is categorized monthly using BARCODE system. To redeem the voucher one has to go to the mall and verify it online after shopping. The voucher must be redeemed in the same month as it is valid for 30 days not applicable for associates living outside 20 km area from Nmart mall.  Loyalty Card Nmart offers its associates its own Loyalty card with outstanding features like   &bull UNIQUE CARD NUMBER. &bull NAME and USER ID is displayed on the card. &bull ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPH is displayed on the card. &bull It is a swipe card. &bull BARCODE on the Back of the Card. Once the associate receives the Loyalty Card, All his purchases are made from card. Like REPURCHASE INCOME transferred to the card account every month, Free Gift Voucher Purchase from the card and Rs.1500- Credit Facility made easy via card.  Advantages &bull It has photograph of the Associate on the Card. &bull No printout required. &bull No signature required. &bull If shopping personally no ID Proof required. &bull Safe as it has unique PIN system. &bull Easy to carry.  Credit Voucher Facility In addition to the compensation plan company has also introduced credit facility of Rs. 1500- for its Associate. It is generated into the associate&rsquos login, for which photo upload is compulsory. Associate has to take a printout at any mall location across India to redeem it. It will be verified by the Store Manager and purchase can be made. Its statement will be generated on first of every month.  Important Please note that the credit given account has to be settled by 15th every month.Else no free gift voucherpaymentrepurchase income will be transferred to the account  Credit Payments Associate can make the payments of their CREDIT ACCOUNT at any NAMRT MALL across India. Payment effect will be processed immediately.  Nmart Loyalty Bonus Associate will enjoy LOYALTY BONUS of Rs.11000- if he purchases goods worth Rs.72000- in 4 years from the date of joining.           Awards and Rewards Product Image No Of Pairs Associates with PERMANENT SHOPPING NUMBER Product     Recognition at Nmart Retails Associates are categorized into various clubs Executive Club &bull Silver Producer 100 Pairs &bull Gold Producer 250 Pairs &bull Platinum 500 Pairs &bull Pearl 1000 Pairs &bull Founder Pearl 1500 Pairs   Achievers Club &bull Ruby 2000 Pairs &bull Founder Ruby 3000 Pairs &bull Sapphire 4000 Pairs &bull Founder Sapphire 5000 Pairs &bull Emerald 7500 Pairs &bull Founder Emerald 10000 Pairs   Excellency Club &bull Diamond 20000 Pairs &bull Founder Diamond 30000 Pairs &bull Executive Diamond 40000 Pairs &bull Founder Executive Diamond 50000 Pairs &bull Double Diamond 75000 Pairs &bull Founder Double Diamond 100000 Pairs   Royal Club &bull Triple Diamond 150000 Pairs &bull Founder Triple Diamond 200000 Pairs &bull Crown 250000 Pairs &bull Founder Crown 350000 Pairs &bull Crown Ambassador 500000 Pairs     Deductions &bull 10 TDS is deducted from weekly Payout Associates with PAN NUMBER, and 20 FROM associates without PAN NUMBER. &bull Administrative Charges of 5 deducted from weekly Payout Minimum deduction amount is Rs.50-.     1. IT HAS COMPLETED ONE YEAR OF SUCCESS. 2. IT HAS MORE THAN 200000 JOININGS THROUGHOUT INDIA. 3. IT HAS OPENED 92 WORLDCLASS MALLS THROUGHOUT INDIA. 4. IT IS APPROVED BY NWA 5. IT IS GOING TO PUBLIC LIMITED IN NEXT FINANCIAL YEAR. 6. IT HAS COME IN MEDIA NATIONAL CHANNELS &ndash SAB , NDTV & AAJ TAK ,Z NEWS ETC... 7. ITS C.M.D. SIR Mr. GOPAL SEKHAWAT IS A VERY DYNAMIC PERSON WITH A DYNAMIC PROFILE. 8. C.M.D. SIR IS ALSO WORKING AS ASIA REGIONS CHAIRMAN OF I.H.R.A. - INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION. 9.OUR COMPANY IS GOING TO OPEN 11000 RETAILS SHOPEE MALLS THROUGHOUT INDIA IN UPCOMING 5 YEARS. 10. ITS PLAN AND PRODUCTS ARE SUPER FOR EVERYON 1ST TIME IN INDIA A MEGA SHOPPING MALL PROJECT IN YOUR LOCALITY. GRAB YOUR POSITION AND TAKE THE MAXIMUM BENEFITS ONLY FOR YOU. PLAN BY PAYING RS.5,500- BE A SMART CARD HOLDER AND GET THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS. 1. ABSOLUTLY FREE SHOPPING WORTH RS. 10,560- GIFT VOUCHER OF RS.220- X 48 MONTHS 2. MONTHLY CREDIT FACILITY OF RS.1,500- FOR EVERY MONTYH. 3. LOYALTY BONUS OF RS. 11,000- AFTER 48 MONTHS OF PURCHASE. ALL BENEFITS ARE LEGALLY GUARANTEED. IF U WISH TO PROMOTE THE BUSINESS, U WILL GET THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS 1. BINARY INCOME RS. 600- PER PAIR WEEKLY PAYOUT ON 11600, MAXIMUM CAPPING 100 PAIRS FOR BINARY 2. SPILL OVER INCOME RS. 200- PER ID FOR UNLIMITED DEPTH 3. NO TIME LIMIT ROYALTY INCOME AFTER 100 PAIRS 4. REPURCHASE BONUS FOR 15 LEVEL 5. NO TIME LIMIT AWARD & REWARDS WORTH RS. 1 CORE & ACHIEVABLE FIGURE.  DON'T MISS IT. FULLY SUPPORT... CALL.. Rajesh... 8875566735    

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