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MLM Success Is Built In

MLM Success Is Built In

The MLM business model is slammed almost constantly in the press; so, imagine my surprise when I found an article in Forbes that was not only favorable toward the industry but sees in it something that should be adopted by other more conventional businesses. The secret to so many people having success in MLM is mentorship.

A mentors roll is to help you through your business experience by advising you and coaching you. In the MLM industry we also speak of sponsors and their job is to help to move you through to your MLM success.

If you look at the general business literature, you will find that 9 out of every 10 successful people in business have had a mentor. I know that the mentor that I had early on in my career is the reason that I finally branched out and became an entrepreneur. I don’t think that a week goes by that I am not reminded of a piece of advice that he gave to me.

The great thing about the MLM industry is that the business model actually builds mentorship into its core concepts. However, you have to keep in mind that mentoring does not mean that there will be someone there to hold your hand every step of the way to your MLM success. That is not their job. You and you alone are responsible for taking action on the advice that is given to you.

The MLM model of business is based on one person selling a product or service. That person then brings on a team and receives a commission on all of the sales that their team makes. This cycle continues until there are multiple levels of people benefiting from each sale.

The way that the business model is set up entices the top-tier leaders to mentor the lower-tiers. You want to have a strong team working beneath you if you are to start to collect what is considered MLM success – residual income. If you don’t mentor a strong team, you are left earning only the commissions on the sales that you personally make.

Talk to the people who have attained MLM success and they will tell you that they did it because of the strong leadership and mentoring that they received within their up-line. Ask those who have had zero success in the business and they will tell you it is because they had no support from their sponsor.

MLM is often thought of as a bad word, but the stigma is from the approach that is taken during the recruiting and training process rather than the structure of the business model. It still remains the most cost effective and the easiest way for you to become an entrepreneur.

MLM success is based on the culture that is created within each team and each business. That is because it is a culture that fosters upward growth, stability and motivation.

We struggled when we first entered into the MLM industry and failed totally in our first 2 attempts to create a business. Our number one reason was that once we were in we were not given the training or the time with our sponsor that was needed for us to know how to make this style of business work. We were truly lost.

Then, we entered into a company that sells training materials and a blogging platform. While the business falls more under the guise of a direct sales model, we do work wit the concept of belong to a team and growing a team.

The team that we belong to within the organization has allowed us to reach our MLM success and we utilize it daily to help our team members achieve the same rapid results. Though the training is not one on one with a mentor and is done as a webinar is detailed in a way that allows us to take massive action on what is taught.

The team offers daily training to everybody on the team in ways to grow their business. If you are suffering writer’s block one day, they also give you a blog that you can just copy and paste so that you can continue to attract leads.

We, also, offer team hangouts to help our team members recruit and a private facebook group that share motivation and marketing ideas so that every member of the team has the opportunity to experience MLM success.

The team is about to launch the iPAS system for those who are ready to build their success faster than the speed of light. This is a program of purchasing paid leads that will be filtered through a personal business assistant allowing us to reach more people faster and get them recruited. By using this system we will be able to concentrate more on the training of our team members so that they will earn more than we do and allow us to spend more time each day simply selling the product.

For more information on how you can attain your MLM success, leave us a comment below.

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  • 01 June, 2016
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