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((Abortion kit))+27632505360 Abortion pill in Jumeirah 1

Legal Abortion From 1-27 Weeks | Safe Abortion Pills For Sale +27632505360. CALL OR WHATSAPP US NOW : SCHONE ☎ +27632505360 treatment at home Al Ain Al Satwa +971552965071___Ajman MA +971552965071 Price Abortion Pill in Abu Dhabi Satwa ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN Dubai mifepristone cost In Ajman +27632505360 Abortion Pill99/Cytotec in Satwa JVC/ Al ain/ Ajman/ Ras Al Khaimah/ UAE mifepristone cost In Ajman Al Aziziyah +971552965071 __ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN DUBAI ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN ABU DHABI ABORTION PILLS FOR SALE IN SHARJAH ABORTIaON In the Middle East countries such as UAE( Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah), Kuwait, Qatar, etc., the laws and regulations are based on Islam. Islam forbids killing a life. Islam considers that an individual will have a life after he has attained a soul. It is believed that the fetus attains the soul after 120 days of fertilization.

The four schools of thought: Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbali, and Maliki, have different views regarding the abortion of pregnancy. According to the Hanafi school, it is believed that the fetus attains the soul after 120 days of gestation.

In contrast, the Maliki school believes that the fetus is ensouled at the point of conception, so abortion is not allowed at any stage of pregnancy. The Shafi school believes that the fetus is ensouled at 80 days, so abortion is only allowed until 80 days. The Hanbali school believes that the fetus attains the soul at 40 days. Some scholars believe that the child of rape is also legitimate, so it is a sin to kill a child.

Pregnant mothers have to face a lot of difficulties if they want to abort their child. A woman cannot terminate an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy unless the health of the woman is in danger. The laws of the UAE permit abortion before 120 days of conception. Article 340 of the UAE Penal Code mentions that any woman who undergoes an abortion will be detained for a maximum of one year period and/or fine not exceeding ten thousand dirhams. Safe abortion methods for various stages of pregnancy: UAE Sharjah Dubai Abu Dhabi · Ajmān · Al Ain · Al Awdah · Al Fahlayn · Al Fulayyah · Al Fara' · Al Ghabah COD/ COP Call/WhatsApp+27632505360 ASAP 1. Early Pregnancy (Up to 9 Weeks): • Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill): A combination of medications, typically mifepristone followed by misoprostol, is used to induce a miscarriage. Mifepristone is taken at a healthcare provider's office, followed by misoprostol taken at home. This method is effective up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. • Aspiration (Suction) Abortion: A surgical procedure where a gentle suction is used to remove the pregnancy tissue from the uterus. This method is commonly used for pregnancies up to 9 weeks. 2. First Trimester (Up to 12 Weeks): • Medical Abortion: The abortion pill regimen may continue to be an option up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. • Aspiration Abortion: Suction abortion remains a safe and common method during the first trimester. 3. Second Trimester (13-24 Weeks): • Aspiration Abortion: Suction abortion may still be an option in the early second trimester, although the procedure may be slightly different from the first trimester. • Dilation and Evacuation (D&E): A surgical procedure where the cervix is dilated, and suction and medical instruments are used to remove the pregnancy tissue. This method is commonly used in the second trimester. 4. Late Second Trimester (After 24 Weeks): • Induction Abortion: In cases of medical necessity or severe fetal anomalies, an induction abortion may be considered. It involves inducing labor to deliver the fetus and pregnancy tissue. It's important to emphasize that abortion decisions are personal and medical in nature. A healthcare provider should be consulted to discuss the available options, risks, benefits, and considerations based on the specific circumstances of the individual. If you or someone you know is considering an abortion, seeking guidance from a qualified healthcare provider, gynecologist, or abortion clinic is crucial to ensure a safe and informed decision-making process.

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