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 httpwww.flcindia.net PRODUCTS   RATE Name Products 1500Rs Power saver 3000Rs Dvd player 4000Rs Home Theatre 1500Rs Sri Dhan Laxmi Yantra 1650Rs Pressure cooker 10lts 3000Rs Induction stove 2000Rs Rice cooker 2500Rs Gas safety Device 5000Rs Picnic dining table 1500Rs Bracelet 1500Rs pendant 1350Rs Iron box 1500Rs Mobile 1250Rs Saree Only Repurchase Products Rice   BUSINESS PLAN Associates are assets of our company. Company is glad to compensate the Rich and Easy Business Plans to their Associates who set their goal of reaching financial freedom by helping others. Types of Income Direct Sales Income Binary Income Repurchase Income Awards & Rewards Royalty Income 1.Direct Sales Income Associates are getting their products at a Discount Rate.  2.Binary Income Joining Products unit Joining Rate Joining kit 1 Rs. 1250 Binary Income Pair Value 12 or 21, First pair Rs. 500- , 2nd pairs commission Rs.500- Next 11 Rs 1000 1 Pair per cut off  Minimum payout Rs.1000 per day  Power leg carry forward  Always tail Each Business Associate is allowed to have only 7 registered Business Account per PAN Card. For more details, contact your leader. 3.Re-purchase Income A customer makes purchase of our joining kit. He She are considered as part of our company valuable Associates or Distributor. Income is from their down line repurchaseSales. Volume generated from lesser side will be paid for that week. Volume exceeds on higher side will be carry forward to next week.  Products units Repurch- Rate Repurch RICE 25KG 11 2 PRODUCTS PV 2 Per Day 2000Rs Power leg carry forward Repurchase of products are not compulsory for weekly commission. Deduction 20 TDS Service Charge Income opportunity from Binary & Repurchase per month Rs. 90,000- from one ID.  An Associate can make seven ID in his name. Imagine a income of yours in a month.7X90,0006,30,000  4. Awards and Rewards Our Distributors are recognized and rewarded on arrival of following pair. Pair Awards & Rewards Products First 100 Mobile Cell Phone Next 200 Home Theatre Next 500 Laptop Next 1000 Computer Each side 4 Royalty of his sponsor Next 2000 LCD TV Each side 8 Royalty of his sponsor Next 4000 Motor Bike Each side 20 Royalty of his sponsor Next 5000 Motor Car Each side 25 Royalty of his sponsor 5. Royalty Our Distributors are eligible for Royalty when they reach volume of 200 pairs. Continue to get royalty, 50 pairs matching purchase is necessary in a month. Royalty  No. of new Joiningx 2                  Eligible Distributors Buying a product for Rs.1250- makes us rich by way of continuing above Five Income Plans. 
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