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WeNetProfits is from Danny Gauthier, admn of high integrity. Wenetprofit is a old program, 3 years back they launched the first 2x1 matrix and it was a very successful program and ran for more than 2 years and was paid promptly. Many made tens of thousands of dollars from WNP.Now WNP is revamping their matrix plan which they have been testing for several months, right now Danny Gauthier is in South Africa for the launch and 100,000 are expected to join from SA alone. Joining is 22 Alertpay one time and one can look forward to making monthly residuals as high as 500 or 1000 or even more. Click here to join and lock your position and on 13th June canadian time payout option will be opened and you can pay the joining of 22. Keep your AP funded with 22httpwww.wenetprofits.commainjoin.php?idrichguy1 Please use this link to promote for the time being, just change the user id to yours as the link in the back office is not working as of nowRGNO CALLS PLEASE This is the mail I recd from admn Dear Member     We all know I have been touring South Africa for the last Month. Flying, driving, doing two live presentations daily, in different cities daily with my right hand Star Nishe Sewlal. Director of Operation in South Africa And a special team of selected Marketing Directors. We are literally  developing South Africa offline Next week I will share my journey in South Africa with pic&rsquos and videos South African tour changed my life in so many ways..Thanks South Africa I love you dearly     Back to Business WE HAVE CRACKED THE CODE Guaranteed Satisfaction   We have made special adjustments to the PAYPLAN to benefit everyone WNP has made it Affordable for anyone to achieve their financial dreams. Turn 22.00 into thousands monthly EARN MONEY NOW WHILE CREATING A RESIDUAL FORTUNE WNP has literally become a Cash Machine on Auto Pilot   Get READY to literally change your lives Here are the Changes taking place. All Powerline are now 4x3 levels instead 4x4 - Imagine 84 people and your Powerline is Full not 340 people -The new 2x2 Speedy Cycler 125, SC550, SC100, SC200 - Imagine you have Minimum 4 members following you automatically into a sets of 2x2 Speedy Cyclers 6 people speedy cycler Get This - You are now earning in your regular 4x3 Powerlines 5 different level - And now you also get Speedy Cyclers working for you all on Auto Pilot - You are getting paid in Real-Time with daily payouts on a Debit Card   Beta Testing to the new software We have been working behind the seens for the past month to prepare the software to this incredible Never Done Before Launch   -Today Sunday, June 12th at 1200pm EST we are temporarily closing payment option - Everyone may still do registrations but may not be able to pay for their Product Licence - We will compress the Apprentice and Bronze from a 4x4 to a 4x3 - Then go back into beta testing mode. -  We launch the New software on Monday, June 13th at 1200am EST. - Then you may pay for your product licence. - The New payplan will be on the site on June 13th - Email and updates will be sent out daily, please read all these important emails.         Sincerly Danny Gauthier WNP CEO  
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