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First Purchase Sales Bonus: PACKAGES PACKAGES PRICE B.V (BINARY) CAPING / DAY (INCOME Rs.) EXECUTIVE PACK 1500/- 500/- 5000/- Cutoff Daily Min. Withdrawal Amount Rs.400/- First pair 1:2 or 2:1 Next pair 1:1 Capping /Day 10 Pairs (Rs.5000/- ) Pay out Day Daily [If Bank Holiday release On working day] Generation Binary: We know your leader ship qualities and commitment for the success, that UNLIMITED DIRECTS We will reward your effort with 100% of the group business volume of your 3rd direct enrolled members onwards Example:- If you have sponsored “C” i.e your direct 3rd enrolled member. let us assume that “C” get the cheque of Rs-50,000/-, you automatically get the equal income of “C” i,e Rs.50000/-. Royal bonus: (Monthly) Calculation of Star Stage Royalty will be on the basis of their business & stage of group and will be payable to all such distributors who stands Star Stage achievers in their group (A & B) as per under noted table. Qualification Rank Bonus Left Right 100 100Pairs Star 2000/- 2 star 2 star Silver 5000/- 2 Silver 2 silver Gold 10000/- 2 Gold 2 Gold Platinum 18000/- 2 Platinum 2 Platinum Ruby 25000/- 2 Ruby 2 Ruby Emerald 50000/- Diamond Director Royalty: Diamond Royalty Achievers will get 5% of companies BV turnover, provided they attend Emerald stage on both the sides of their group by attending Star Stage royalty serially in their both the groups (A & B). If there are more than 1 (one) Diamond Royalty Achiever than the Royalty will be Distributed equally. Note: Rewards will be given within 30 days from achievement. One awards royalty bonus for one name or one pan card only. One will not get any cash against rewards. Achieved rewards transportation, taxes courier R.T.O insurance etc paid by achiever only Terms & Conditions o The compensation will be transferred directly to subscriber Bank account via NEFT/ RTGS. o Maximum 3 Ids per pan card holder o The amount of 5% will be deducted for all payouts as TDS Charges & 15% as Admin charges as per Government Rules. o 2nd, 5th, pair(only one time) and Every 10 pairs one pair Deduction for web development o Minimum NEFT/RTGS payout should be amount Rs.400/-. o Please upload your ID Proof & PAN card to verify and confirm the PAN details o Development expenses, handling, Courier charges as per Company norms as and when required. o The amount is non refundable and non transferable once the company - Distributor/Retailer have entered this agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no referral sales are made by the distributor/ Retailer he shall not in any way be eligible for any of the incentives. o The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter into contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act. o If any distributors false statement, the company reserve all right to terminate distributorship. o The company reserves full rights to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business opportunity and policies, by giving a prior notice through its website http://WWW.RDMBUSINESS.BIZ and it will bind all the Retailers & members of the company
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