सावधान: यहाँ से MLM डेटाबेस, क्लॅसीफाइड्स, न्यूज़, बिल्कुल फ्री है. इसका कोई चार्ज नहीं है, हमारा कोई एजंट नहीं है. हमारी कोई दूसरी वेबसाइट नहीं हे. कोई भी आपको हमारे नामसे एडवरटाइजिंग की बात करे तो पहले हमसे संपर्क करे. MLM डायरी के नाम से कोई लेनदेन करने से पहले कृपया हमसे बात करे. 8866409933
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REAL PPC PROGRAMME &ndash Always Free  After Joining call  8273671051   for any help or 09958557288Prasanna Ads View work Only 5 Second adEARN thru Data Click Registering yourself for FREE visiting --    http mysite.aiyellow.comgulfamOnce you are Registered, login to your site with your email id & password clicking the mysite link that you have received in your email and update   your Personal information, then click on Data Click and update the Profile setup, once it is done, you can start the Data Click by clicking Access to Data Click and see all the AdsEARN thru Data Click Registering yourself for FREE visiting --    http mysite.aiyellow.comgulfamPlease tick point 3 from Personal information and see that you share your contact information with your team members If youyour team members refer 5 to 10 friends you can refer any number of people there is no limit and every one doing the same and purchase the Standard Package of 5 codes with US 32.50 your networking income per month will be between US 3905 to US 111,110 as you will receive US 1 from all your team members till your compressed 5 levels like the followingTeam Work DetailsIncome table for referring 5 membersLevel Team MembersIncome in USLevel 1              5              5Level  2             5 x 5 25             25Level  3             25 x 5 125             125Level  4            125 x 5 625            625Level  5            625 x 5 3125            3125Total Income3905So, Earn thru Data Click and when US 50 in your Data Click account, convert this amount to earn the above figures by purchasing the Standard Package with US 32.50Go thru the compensation plan visiting &ndash httpmysite.aiyellow.comdocsCompPlanen.pdf PAY PER CLICKMake 1.5 per hour just viewing ads. Unlimited Ads daily. EARNING CALCULATIONEach Ad  5 secI hr           36005 720 ads view1 ad view 0.002720 ads view7200.002 1.4424 Hrs view 1.4424 34.56 PER Day Income1 montn 34.56x24 829.94Also  refer people to  increase your incomeEARN thru Data Click Registering yourself for FREE visiting --    http mysite.aiyellow.comgulfamAfter Joining call 8273671051   for any help  or 09958557288Prasanna http mysite.aiyellow.comgulfam The CompanyAiYellow was founded in November of 2008. It is a direct selling company that offfers advertising to its customers through its high performance Web Portal which conforms to the highest security standards W3C certification. The portal is user friendly and there are no banners or pop-ups to distract visitors from your ad which is easily updated live, without incurring extra costs.Over the past five years of its activity, the company has opened offices in Europe, North andSouth America and Asia where the market is particularly vibrant. In addition, to date the company has paid its affiliates over 67 million dollars in commissions.Towards the middle 2012 the company decided to expand its business and reach out to the rest of the world. In doing so it became necessary to translate its indexed website to over 20 languages. It also opened local branches in different countries including the United States.How do you make money with AiYellow?There are several ways of making money with AiYellowSelling ads to business owners and service providersAdvertising with AiYellow is affordable and attractive because it provides high quality advertising at 70 lower costs than its competitors. The over 800,000 clients who have already purchased ads from the company are a testament to the viability of the product which is both versatile and easy to sell and provides great value to the customer. Some of the most famous clients of AiYellow include Sony, hp, Toyota,  Apple, Mc Donald's and FedEx. When anyone becomes an affiliate and purchases the minimum package which cost 30 US, his or her referrer  receives 15 US as a fast start commission the package contains five codes each valued at thirty dollars. An affiliate can then market these ad codes recover his initial contribution and realize a profit of 400. On June 10, 2013 the company will launch the first free white pages directory in the world it is a platform that allows you to communicate, find anyone, win prizes, earn through a pay per click system and market the AiYellow international Debit Cards, best of all it is free to join.Types of AdsThe price of a standard ad is 30 US per year. A premium sells for 200 US and a gold 1000 US. To see the packages you can visit my site and click on our ads under products at the bottom of the page.Creating a Network of AffiliatesMaking money in AiYellow requires work, however it can be extremely rewarding not only financially but socially as it presents an opportunity to form lasting relationships with customers for many years. An affiliate can decide to build a team and benefit from the dynamic compensation plan that pays monthly commissions that range from 2.25 to 15.00. The full extent of the plan can be seen under the business section of my site. Anyone wishing to purchase a directors package for 1000 and recruit two other directors would receive 1000 in commissions not to mention the codes received in the package which can be sold. In the direct selling industry this scenario represents one of the fastest ways to generate income from an online business.An Ever Growing NicheAny  credible network marketer will tell you that one of the hallmarks of a good direct selling business is the ability to have repeat sales of a product that is needed and enduring. Advertising offers both these characteristics. In 2011 4154.9 billion was spent on online advertising and global advertising budgets were estimated at a staggering 500 billion for the same year. The empirical evidence suggest that people are spending money in this nicheMy Experience and RecommendationIf you desire to have an online business that pays well, provides for upward mobility and does not have issues in relation to payments, then AiYellow is for you. In my first week I sponsored persons into my organization that paid me 75 US so I made over 100 profits in my first week without having sold one ad. 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