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  I am sure -This is My first email about BNM Enterprises will bring BEST and FIRST leaders in BNM Enterprises . . . HAVE YOU EVER HAD A THOUGHT - I WANT TO JOIN MLM COMPANY WHEN IT STARTS.HAVE YOU EVER DREAMED TO BE PART OF THE BEST BRANDED COMPANY ??HAVE YOU EVER DREAMED A COMPANY SHOULD COME WITH BEST PRODUCT IN THE MARKET .  THEN THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME AND RIGHT CHOOISE. ...Join Today       Welcome to BNM Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.BNM Enterprises Private Limited is a Network Marketing Company which provides 100 Value for money and Genuine Products of a high Quality standard which are useful and needed for everyone. AN DEA  CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFEUSE MOBILE   EARN MONEY                   www.bnmenterprises.comProducts1.  Qualifying package Rs 6999- - Get 4000 Minutes Talk time,  Branded Mobile Handset Dual Sim, One  Free Idea Sim  and Financial Planner Software                                              ORQualifying package Rs 6999- - Get 8000 Minutes Talk time,  One  Free Idea Sim  and Financial Planner Software2.  Standard Package Rs 15999- - Get  22000 Minutes Talk time, Branded Multimedia Mobile Handset Dual Sim, One Free Idea Sim and Financial Planner Software3.  Premium Package Rs 34999- -  Get 44000 Minutes Talk time, Branded Multimedia Mobile Handset Dual Sim, One Free Idea Sim and Financial Planner software.Who ever buy Premium Package can a get opportunity to win Skoda Octavia Car, TC Apply Please visit www.bnmenterprises.com Products.Business PlanBinary Income   11 Pair Rs. 1000- for Rs. 6999- Package                                                          Rs. 1500- for Rs. 15999- Package                                                          Rs. 3000- for Rs. 34999- PackageWeekly ceiling Rs. 1.8 Lakhs.Power leg carry forward.Level Income Level Income is paid up to 20 levels.                     1-10 LEVEL U WILL GET Rs 30- for each new Ids                     11-20 LEVEL U WILL GET Rs 15- For each new IDsAnd many more, for details please visit www.bnmenterprises.com Assured Rewards   Hear is our dreams1.     15 Cr Worth Gift BanglowAir Craft 5 Lakh Fixed Monthly Bonus2.     12 Cr Worth Banglow12 Cr Wort Aircraft Fixed Monthly Bonus 4 Lakh3.     10 Cr Banglow USUKSwiss or 10 Cr Worth Air CraftFixed Monthly Bonus 3.5 Lakhs4.     Rolls -RoysBugatti Veyron Fixed Monthly Bonus 3 Lakh Maybach Fixed Monthly Bonus 2.5 Lakh5.     Bentley Higher Segment Family Foreign Trip 2 Fixed Monthly Bonus 2 Lakh6.     Bentley Middle Segement  Fixed Monthly Bonus 1.5 Lakh7.     Bentley Base Model Fixed Monthly Bonus 1 Lakh8.     2 Cr Banglow In Singapore India UAE Family Foreign Trip Fixed Monthly Bonus 50k9.     1.5 Cr Worth Bungalow In India10.   1 Cr. Worth Bungalow in India11.   S Class Benz  100 Sponsored Family Europe Trip12.   E Class Benz Car13.   C Class Benz Car14.   Skoda Octavia 100 Sponsored Foreign Trip15.   Ford Fiasta Car16.   Maruti Swift Car17.   Maruti Alto 100 Sponsored Foreign Trip18.   Sony Laptop19.   100 Sponsored Foreign Trip20.   Blackberry Mobile Phone21.   Sony Digital Camera22.   Jewelry up to Rs 6000For achieving the above rewards No Time Limit  as and when you qualify you will get your rewards. An opportunity to realize your Dreamsfor more details please visit www.bnmenterprises.com.Pre launch offersPlease visit www.bnmenterprises.com.For details  Contact     Sridhar.V - 9972446246""Make Your Money To Work For You, Otherwise He Will Make You To Work Forever""  -- RegardsRanjit  Nair97163772839717517287 
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