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 100 Strong Legal Co. Get TDS on ur Income. Reg. office in INDIA ROC & MCA Reg. Business MOU.Pre lauching In india http://www.bhibid.in or http://www.bidhereindialive.com. Company have two websites.100 LEAGAL & BRANDED COMPANY WHO GIVES YOU FIX INC.for joining & more details about company get big power leg or top id, or full support contact me09802187216 or email-mlmindia4allgmail.com.JOINING OPTIONSILVER PLANRegistration Charges- Rs 500-Top Up- Rs.5,000- Inclusive of All taxesEARNING CULTUREOn every Tuesday you will receive 5 bids from us on your every individual ID&rsquos.1Bid Rs.125.005Bids Rs.625 125 x 54 weeks in a Month 2500 625 x 4EARNING POTENTIALMain Wallet &ndash Rs.2,000Auction Wallet &ndash Rs.500GOLD PLANRegistration Charges- Rs.500-Top Up- Rs.10,000- Inclusive of All taxesEARNING CULTUREOn every Tuesday you will receive 10 bids from us on your every individual ID&rsquos.1Bid Rs.125.0010Bids Rs.1,250 125 x 104 weeks in a Month 5000 1250 x 4EARNING POTENTIALMain Wallet &ndash Rs.4,000Auction Wallet &ndash Rs.1000Monday to Friday Weekly Product Selling Feedback SubmitWORKING CULTUREEvery Tuesday in your panel you have been asked to make an Auction on 5 Products. Opinion in the Select product and do biddingThis opinion Auction visible for 6 days in panel.For this online opinion , you will earn 125 RS for EVERY Auction.PAYOUTS AND DEDUCTIONSEvery 1 REWARD POINT Rs. 1-BY CASH CHEQUE &ndashIF YOU ARE REQUESTING BY CASH CHEQUE , YOU CAN HAVE YOUR AMOUNT TRANFERED IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WITH THE BANK CHARGES TAXES TDSSERVICE TAX &ndash 10.3 ADMINISTRATION CHARGES- 4.5 15 DEDUCTION ON EVERY WITHDRAWLBY PRODUCT REWARD &ndashYOU CAN ONLY REDEEM THESE AMOUNT BY PURCHASING ONLINE THROUGH BID PRODUCTS..BY SERVICE REWARD POINT &ndashYOU CAN REDEEM THESE AMOUNT BY PURCHASING SERVICES LIKE HOTEL, TICKETS, TOUR PACKAGE, E-MOBILE SERVICES ETCOUR NEXT VENTURE COMING VERY SOONS no. BIDS Dollar&rsquos AMOUNT1 1 Bid - Rs.302 50 Bid - Rs.14503 80 Bid - Rs.22504 150 Bid - Rs.40505 250 Bid - Rs.65006 500 Bid - Rs.125007 1000 Bid - Rs.22000Binary IncomeSilver PlanS no. BINARY INCOME1 21 OR 12 Rs.500-2 REFERAL INCOME Rs.250-3 CAPPING 100 Pair WeekGold PlanS no. BINARY INCOME1 21 OR 12 Rs.1000-2 REFERAL INCOME Rs.500-3 CAPPING 100 Pair WeekPAYOUTEVERY FRIDAY IS CLOSING DAY FOR PAY OUT SYSTEM.MAXIMUM OF Rs. 4 LAKH PER MONTH.ROYALTY INCOME COMING SOON WILL BE DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY AMONG THE BIDHEREINDIA MEMBERS WHO ACHIEVED THEIR TARGET.Bidhere ProductsOFFER PRODUCTS RELATED TO BRANDED, ELECTRONICS , HOME APPLIANCES.ETC., Laptops and AccesoriesAppleDellHPSony, Computers & Accessories, Digital Cameras and Recorders, DVD Players, Game Consoles and Games, iPODS,MP3 & Audio, Mobiles & PDA, iPads, Watches, Perfumes and Outdoor, All Branded New Products.
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