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Hi, COMPANY WILL LAUNCH IN NEXT MONTH JOIN NOW FOR BETTER POSITION AND BUSINESS.WWW.MIVEDA.COMMIVEDA PRODUCTS AT AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES.HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS PERSONAL CARE PRODUCT HAIR FACE ANTI AGEING ORGANIC CREAMS SHAVING GELS PASTE ALL PRODUCTS FREE FROM HARMFUL INGREDIENTS.LIFELONG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AS WELL.MIVEDA COMPANY WILL GROW VERY BIG IN FEW MONTHS GUARANTEED ITS AFFORDABLE AND GENUINE AND BEST AYURVEDIC PRODUCTS.PROTEIN 1000gm rs350 ONLYAND MANY MORE HEALTH AND WEALTH PRODUCT REALY AT VERY LOWER PRICE  CONTACTABHISHEK JAMDADE DIETICIAN Independent DistributorMIVEDAId No 914I would welcome you all to review our website and take up MiVeda&rsquos pre-launch offer of free registration.  During the MiVeda pre-launch you will also be able to register other people in your downline for free.Please write my Id 914 as your sponsor.The MiVeda DifferenceThe MiVeda difference is our philosophy to our products - MiVeda products contain NO harmful ingredients.We make it an absolute priority to eliminate all potentially harmful ingredients from our products, and this makes them unique in India.Most particularly we avoid the usage of the following specific ingredients which are commonly used in most other commercial products for sale in retail shops around India Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Sodium Laureth Sulphate Propylene Glycol Formalin Formaldehyde Mineral Oil Talc Alcohol Aluminium Various cosmetic ingredientsIf you would like more information about why we feel these ingredients are totally undesirable in family products, please contact us.Dr Dale Gerke has also investigated major health issues surrounding free radical damage, and he feels disease prevention can be significantly improved by using vitamin, antioxidants and herbal supplements.Greg Chappell has been a world famous test cricketer for Australia & he is also Director of this Company.MiVeda has created its vitamin and antioxidant range to reflect Dr Gerke's views and show our strong commitment to increasing the general health of the community. Call me at 09664629463This is a very exciting time and a chance of a lifetime if you want to get involved early. Please review the website and email me if you want any help from me.Warm Regards, ABHISHEK JAMDADE DIETICIAN
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