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Get started with Whitsun packageThe success begins with your courageous decision, to purchase of Whitsun web Sub domain website or gift package you become a Web Associate. Through online or offline registration with Whitsunbusiness.com you will get a Business account  and shall be entitled for free great business opportunity. Compensation Plan the most exciting parts Matching bonus Uni- level plan Forced matrix planGetting Started                                            The World's Best Straight Line & 2X2 Matrix Combination Revenue  Sharing VS Profit Sharing Program                                                                                                                            Straight Line Bonus Each new package purchased  will pay straight line bonus of 40BV 30BV cash and 10BV talktime                                                                                                                            each to the next 50 spots in line                                          Note - If you qualify Silver Star club 2x2 matrix we will be paid you straight line bonus of 60BV                                                                                                                                   40BV cash and 20BV talktime mode per day for 25 days every re-entry in Silver Star club Matrix.  Fast Start Bonus    If you personally refer 2 web associate. with in 7 days. Then you would receive Fast start bonus of                                                                                                                          300 BV 200BV cash and 100BV talktime per week for 10 weeks. or Secured Bonus Club  If you personally refer 2 web associate who duplicate the same system you complete 2x2 matrix                                                                                                                           a cycle with in 7 days  then you get  bonus of 500 BV400BV cash & 100 BV talktime Per  week for                                                                                                                         15 weeks or smart phone  MICROMAX CANVAS 2 and you enter scoured Silver Star club 2x2 when                                                                                                                          you gets paid as follows                                    Note -i you will pay Rs. 2700- for Micromax canvas2 time of home delivery and Rs. 299- courier charge extra.                                                                                                           ii Smart phone will be delivered dispatched with in 10 to 20 days of the date of the achievement.                                                                                 iii We wil pay you fast start bonus and secured bonus highest achievement with in 7days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Silver Star club 2x2 &ndash Once you complete 2X2 matrix then you get paid as follows                                                                                                                  1000 BV transfer in your account                                                                                                                                                  3000 BV entry into Gold Star club Gold Star club 2x2 - Once you complete 2X2 matrix then you get paid as follows                                                                                                                  1500 BV transfer in your account                                                                                                                                                  500 BV transfer in your up line account                                                                                                                                          1000 BV1 Re- entry into Silver Star club matrix                                                                                                                                                                7000 BV entry into Diamond club matrix Diamond club 1x2 - Once you complete 1X2 matrix then you gets paid as follow                                                                                                                                              5000 BV transfer in your account                                                                                                                                                 1000 BV transfer in your up line account                                                                                                                                         3000 BV 1 Re- entry into Gold Star club                                                                                                                                         1000 BV 2 re- entry into Silver Star club                                                                                                                                        Diamond Royalty Bonus Club  If you achieve diamond club income then you enter Diamond Achiever's bonus club and                                                                                                                                            you would receive Diamond royalty bonus of 7500 per week.  Matching Bonus   If you personally 2 refer web associate one on Left and one on Right  then you would receive matching                                                                                                                bonus as per table-                                                               Binary Income Sl No Left Side Right Side Amount Rs. 1 5 5 1000 2 8 8 1500 3 14 14 2500 4 21 21 4000 5 27 27 5000 6 35 35 7000 7 47 47 9000 8 55 55 11000 9 75 75 15000 10 100 100 20000 11 200 200 40000 12 250 250 50000 13 350 350 70000 14 500 500 100000 15 600 600 120000  LEADER SHIP  BONUS  If you personally refer after2 qualify you would receive  lader ship bonus every referral scoured income for 3 lavel 1st level 7 , 2nd level 5 and 3rd level 3.                                                                                                                                                 . SHOPPING & EARNING CLUBUNI-LEVELLEADER SHIP BONUS If your personally sponsored Web associate purchase or sales any product you would receive bonus 4 level every qualify income as a fallowing table-   Note No limit personally sponsored Web associate.GLOBAL SALES CLUB If any Web associate personally shopping or any customerAffiliates order any product your personally website you get &ldquoPV&rdquo every sales then start your earning .All &ldquoPV&rdquo accumulate during the month, you will receive total 2500 PV then complete 1SRP Shopping reward point. When enter Global sales club and you would receive the bonus as an above uni-level plan and 5X9 Forced matrix plan your build team is already in there. You can earn up to BV. 14, 64, 84,375 without ever enrolling a single person as a fallowing table- Level Team Size Shopping  Rewards Point of Bonus Global Sales  Bonus 1 5 5     3 375 2 25 20     3 1500 3 125 100     3 7500 4 625 500     3 37500 5 3125 2500      3 187500 6 15625 12500      3 937500 7 78125 62500      3 4687500 8 390625 312500      3 23437500 9 1953125 1562500      3 117187500       Total 146484375 Important Note  i first must first understand &ldquoPV&rdquo Profit volume Every product at has a PV value. This value is determined by the product's margin The difference between the product's wholesalebase cost and the price the product sells for.The higher the margin, the higher the PV. A product's PV is the maximum amount that can be paid out in commissions for that product. ii10 will be deducted for shopping coupon all income. iii All percentages are based on BV AND PV. RS. 1 iv 2500PV 1 shopping rewards point and 1PV 1BV. v 1O.5 TDS 6 admin and 4 processing charges will be deducted from all type incomes vi minimum bank transfer  500 BV.Your Earning Potential Is Truly UnlimitedWith Whitsun Business. Because of that Whitsun business launch a POWERFUL business opportunity to help you earn even MORE. Coming Soon pls visit http://www.whitsunbusiness.comor call KUMAR8155060760 
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