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JUST LAUNCH MLM me Dhamaka RCM ka Bada bhai Plan jo badalde hamsabki jindagijoining rs2000binary 11 rs400rewards, technical , leadership,royalty. And many more.4 top position in ur city statecontact-09981096582 Pair IncomeExample-1  Performance Bonus B.V. Different Bonus 1 to 4999 9 5000 to 9999 11 10,000 to 19,999 13 20,000 to 39,999 15 40,000 to 69,999 17 70,000 to 1,14,999 20 1,15,000 to 1,69,999 22.5 1,70,000 to 2,59,999 24.5 2,60,000 to 3,49,999 27.5 3,50,000 & above 30  The Independent Business Consultant who are below the slab of 5000 and purchasing will also be given 9 performance bonus on their purchase B.V. & will be deducted on difference basis from the amount which will be earned on achieving 5000 to 9999 slabs.Note - Performance bonus will be given to only those distributors who have their own purchase in the same month. Bonus is calculated on the basis of total B.V. of your group. You get net bonus after deducting the bonus of your down line groups. This can be understood by these hypothetical examplesExample-1 Position of Business   Total Business 8,000 B.V. A-Leg Joining 2,000 B.V. A-Leg Purchase 2,000 B.V. B-Leg Joining 2,000 B.V. B-Leg Purchase 1,000 B.V. Purchase By Self 1,000 B.V. Calculation of Bonus   Total Group's Bonus 8,000x11 880 Deduct Purchase of A-Leg 2,000x9 -180 Deduct Purchase of B-Leg 1,000x9 -90 Net Bonus Rs.610   Leadership BonusRs. 2000 monthly on reaching Rs.350000 BV and having minimum Rs.70000 BV in B-Leg.Rs. 4000 monthly to Royalty Achievers with 2 to 6 percent royalty.This will be given after fulfilling the following terms and conditions... For achieving leadership bonus, Star Pin Achiever and Royalty Achievers will have to do a purchase of 700 BV and 1400 BV respectively in the particular month. Leadership bonus will be payable from second month of qualifying the required slab. Maximum one bonus will be given at one time. Leadership Bonus will be applicable only on continuation of business to the same level.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Royalty Bonus One Downline B.V.Purchase Other Downline B.V.Purchase Royalty on First group B.V. Purchase 3,50,000 B.V. 1,15,000 B.V. 2 3,50,000 B.V. 1,70,000 B.V. 3 3,50,000 B.V. 2,60,000 B.V. 4 3,50,000 B.V. 3,50,000 B.V. 6 Royalty will be calculated on differential basis and royalty will be given to only those distributers who will unique business volume according to the given table and will also fulfill the following conditions&hellip Purchase Progway products worth minimum 1400 B.V. in every month. Take minimum 2 meeting every month 27 in year as assigned by the company. In the absence of assigned the distributor shall take meeting after obtaining the approval from the company.                                                                                                                                                                       Any other condition for which company deemed to be beneficial in the interest of business as a whole. This can be understood by this hypothetical example&hellip                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Technical Bonus One Down line B.V More than Other Down line B.V. More than Tech Bonus on bigger group B.V. Purchase 5,00,000 B.V. 5,00,000 B.V. 1 10,00,000 B.V. 10,00,000 B.V. 1.5 22,00,000 B.V. 22,00,000 B.V. 2 48,00,000B.V. 48,00,000 B.V. 2.5 Apart from this 1.5 percentage of the company's total Business volume is distributed in B-Leg on a average basis 5 Lacks is deducted on the basis of remaining amount of business volume. Technical Bonus will be calculated as mentioned here under, distributed have to&hellip Purchase Progway for minimum 1400 B.V in every month. Take minimum 3 meeting every month and minimum 42 in a year as a assigned by the company. In the absence of assignment, the distributor shall take the meeting after obtaining the approval from the company.. Any other condition for which company deemed to be beneficial in the interest of business as a whole Any other condition for which company deemed to be beneficial in the interest of business as a whole. This can e understood by this hypothetical example&hellip Eligibility of Technical Bonus For the eligibility of the technical level, the distributor has to stay for two month on any Royalty level after that for a month himher to maintain a 6 royalty level after that heshe has to achieve a business of more than Rs. 5 Lacks in each of the two legs in one month. This target of 4 month should be accomplished within the span of 6 month. If this somehow does not achieved, then whenever these 4 month target are achieved in whichever duration of six month, the technical bonus shall be awarded to the distributor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Accidentail Death Benefit Any distributor who has a purchase of Progway products worth Rs. 1000- or more per month regularly and if heshe accidently dies then hisher nominee gets Rs. 1Lac amount as accidently death benefit. This eligibility will be effective after completing 3 month of regular purchase. The purchase should be regularly in order to continue this eligibility. If the purchase discontinues then the purchase of 100- or more per month can be started again and after completing of 3 month of regular purchase, the distributor again becomes eligible for the accidental death benefit. In case of accidental death, the necessary documents should be produced                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Incentive Zone PERIOD CRITERIA REWARDS PRIZES Life Time 1 Pair PROGWAY BAG OR 700 Rs.By Cheque Life Time New 10 Pair MOBILE PHONE OR 3000 Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 25 Pair FRIDGE OR 10,000 Rs.By Cheque Life Time New 50 Pair LAPTOP OR 20,000 Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 100 Pair MOTER CYCLE OR 40,000 Rs.By Cheque Life Time New 250 Pair FURNITURE OR 1 Lacs Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 500 Pair CAR OR Rs. 2.15 Lacs By Cheque Life Time New 750 Pair DELUXE CAR Or 4 Lacs Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 1500 Pair REAL ESTATE OR 6 Lacs Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 2500 Pair SUV OR 9 Lacs Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 4500 Pair GOLD OR 22 Lacs Rs. By Cheque Life Time New 8000 Pair ROW HOUSE OR 45 Lacs Rs.By Cheque Note - Handling Charges. TDS as per the Govt. Law Income tax as per 1961 act.     
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