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IntroducerID KAMLESH   R HTTPWWW.75HRS.COMKAMLESH . Depending on your willingness to help others, you can register.2. Once you register, the software will automatically assign a receiver to you.3. You will have to give one time help of Rs. 2500 to him.4. You will be required to help him within 75 hours.5. Once you help and receiver confirms your help, you will be eligible to receive the help of Rs. 2500.6. And once you receive this help, your ID will be duplicated and you will be given 2 more IDs.7. Each of these IDs will receive help. Once each of these IDs will receive help, each will also be duplicated and you will have 4 IDs.8. Each ID will receive help only once.9. This process will be repeated upto 8 levels and in total your main ID will be duplicated to additional 254 IDs.10. Each of these IDs will receive Rs 2500 each.Sr. No.     No. of Duplicated IDs     Help1     1     Rs. 25002     2     Rs. 50003     4     Rs. 100004     8     Rs. 200005     16     Rs. 400006     32     Rs. 800007     64     Rs. 1600008     128     Rs. 320000      Total     Rs. 637500More1. Pair Income 11 - Rs. 12502. Direct Income - Rs. 6253. No Deduction4. No Capping on Binary5. Daily Income Withdrawal - Maximum Rs. 100006. Pair Income eligibility - One direct Left and one direct RightNotes1. Each Duplicated ID will also receive the binary provided you have One direct Left and one direct Right on that ID as well.2. Duplicated ID will not be considered for Binary to their upline.3. So, if you do, one left and one right on each of your 255 IDs, you will be eligible for PAIR Income on all those IDs.Important1. This is not a company, this is a platform where people can help each other and grow together.2. There is no guarantee that once you help others, someone else will help you.3. If you are here to become RICH, please do not help others because there is no guarantee.4. DO NOT HELP. DO NOT HELP. DO NOT HELPHTTPWWW.75HRS.COMKAMLESH     Name - KAMLESH UPADHYAY 
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