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♦1- 8% monthly ROI as Staking Reward depending upon consultancy Package.
♦2- Started from $.40 now roughly at $1.62.
♦3- Peace of mind with Price Protection (Price Protection in Satoshis) @ roughly $1.5 (0.00046120 Satoshis/BitherCash).
♦4- You can buy online from over 800,000 stores online using BitherCash (www.Shoppinghungama.com)
♦5- You can buy Real Estate/Automobiles & Gold/ Services with BitherCash
♦6- http://www.BitherX.com (Independent Exchange Available to buy & sell your coins & convert into Bitcoins)
♦7-Transparency of coin as available on Blockchain ( BitherCash explorer http://www.bithercash.net:3001 )
♦8- Independent eWallets Available on Android Play store & Iphone app store
♦9- Registerd in UAE & Office in Dubai.
♦10- Fastest Growing Community all over the world.
♦11- Registered Charity BitherVoiceFoundation.com to help in health & education sector.
♦12- You can produce BitherCash by mining. Open source code available on https://github.com/bithercash/bithercash .
♦13- You can earn $20,000 daily through network marketing of BitherCash by earning 30 to 40% in bonuses.
♦14- You can achieve career level in BitherCash & can get various incentivs from Mercedes/BMW to Villa of $300,000 by helping your team. At President & Crown Ambassador Level, you become shareholder of the company.
♦15- Further Information Available on
i) Telegram: t.me/BitherCash_Official
ii) Facebook: https://facebook.com/BitherCash
iii) Twitter: https://twitter.com/bithercash
iv) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BitherCash/
V) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErpvS6dFQ6IGNSbE0LABVw (Voice Of BitherCash)
♦16- How BitherCash giving you 8% monthly profit (Increased Value of BitherCash as production cost is under 1 cent, Transaction Fees of ShpoingHungama/Exchange/Perfect Money/Prepaid Debit Card/BitherCash ATMs/Hard Fork/Real Estate Assets/Mining Farms/Trading Platform.

♦17- Road Map
Q1-2019 Prepaid Debit Card/1st BitherCash ATM/New Office/ Buying Limit upto $100 On ShoppingHungama
Q2-2019 Hard Fork / Buying Limit $100 to $200 on ShoppingHungama
Q3- 2019 BitherCash ATMs/Addition of Bither Gold/ Buying Limit upto $500 on ShoppingHungama
Q4- 2019 Addition of Services/Used Products to ShoppingHangama/Buying Limit $1000 On ShoppingHungama
2020: Addition of Top 100 coins to BitherX Expansion to Different Continents/Licensed & Regulate Crypto Exchange / No Limit to buy on ShoppingHungama
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