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Hello FriendsFollow the link to register FREE,httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?m2495Invest Just Rs.120- only...earn to Rs.44 crores and more....in 13 months....simple referral programme.. Business PlanEarn more than Rs 44 crore by referring any one of our test series to just 4 persons. This is not any new scam of networking, this is simple maths of revenue sharing.12 online tests are worth Rs 120One year subscription, one test will be provided on 15th of every month. USD 3 for Non Resident Indian or if you are paying by Liberty Reserve. You will get Rs 5 for every referral by you as well as by the referral of your referral and so on, but upto 13 levels only. i.e. we will distribute the revenue of Rs 65 from each sale and will be using rest of the amount in making and providing the tests, submitting service tax and other operational costs.The details are as follows. You get Rs 20 on referring 4 persons. You get more Rs 80 when those 4 will refer 4 each i.e. total 16, and 165 is 80. in this way if everyone refers just 4, your income is Rs 44 crore....... and its just the revenue sharing and no networking based on probabilities.There is no condition of referring at least 4 persons to get the revenue. But the maximum you can refer directly is 4. That means, when you will get more than 4 referrals, you will pass them on to your referrals. So they will be considered as their direct referral and your indirect referral which will not make any difference in your earned income as you will still get Rs 5 as it would be inside the 13 levels limit. And in this way, your referrals will also get benefit which will motivate everyone to work in team.An example is shown in the following tables if everybody refers just 4 or 3 persons in one month then how your income is more than 44 crore or 1 crore in case if everybody just refers 3 persons in one year and then it will be again same every year as those persons will renew their subscription every year.You can also register free and book your position. But in that case, you will receive the referral income only after the payment and you have to pay within one month of registration. Otherwise your booked id will be de-activated permanently. Months Number of referrals Incomein Rs 1st 4 20 2nd 16 80 3rd 64 320 4th 256 1,280 5th 1024 5,120 6th 4096 20,480 7th 16384 81,920 8th 65536 3,27,680 9th 262144 13,10,720 10th 1048576 52,42,880 11th 4194304 2,09,71,520 12th 16777216 8,38,86,080 13th 67108864 33,55,44,320 Total Income Rs. 44,73,92,420 Months Number of referrals Incomein Rs 1st 3 15 2nd 9 45 3rd 27 135 4th 81 405 5th 243 1,215 6th 729 3,645 7th 2187 10,935 8th 6561 32,805 9th 19683 98,415 10th 59049 2,95,245 11th 177147 8,85,735 12th 531441 26,57,205 13th 1594323 79,71,615 Total Income Rs. 1,19,57,415 &bullYou can make the payment of the tests online as well as through direct transfer to our accounts. Kindly refer the payment options above.    GIFT FOR THE TOP EARNER   When our company will reach 5000 or 10000 activated distributors, the top earner will be given gift as per the following conditions.  CONDITIONS Gift for the top earner If activated distributors are more than 5000 before 30 May, 2013 Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos If activated distributors are more than 5000 after 30 May, 2013 Branded 32 gb Pen drive If activated distributors are more than 10,000 before 30 May, 2013 Apple Iphone 4s 16 gb If activated distributors are more than 10,000 after 30 May, 2013 Nikon Coolpix L25   On every working day, the website will update the top earner and the activated distributors here  ACTIVATED DISTRIBUTORS  539 TOP EARNER         xxxxxxxxxxxxxx       Why waiting???? Start registering your ID, follow the link to register yourself,httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?m2495 Wish you for more more earning......    Concept Marketing Company 9442462985
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