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 www.captcha2cash.biz Plan Benefits & Conditions Your account will be immediately activated once you complete mobile confirmation. Unless your mobile confirmation is completed your account won&rsquot be activated. You will receive daily income up to 250 days from the day of activation of account. Another added advantage is you will receive incomes even on Saturdays and Sundays. Your minimum withdrawal request is Rs 500. Withdrawal request will be open on 10th, 20th, 30th31st of every month. Captcha send every day will be valid only for 7 days after which it will expire. There will be an 10.5 TDS on request amount. There will be an 5 Admin Charge Processing fees on request amount. Request amount will be released with 2 - 7 working days of date request has been raised. Each user can&rsquot have more than 7 accounts & all the user accounts will be mobile verified & email verified.Registration AmountYou can make unlimited income from your reading ability by investing just Rs 1250.What I get ?You will get daily 4 Captcha of worth Rs 5 . So your Daily Income is Rs 5 4 Rs 20 Your account will be active for 250 days which indicates you can earn up to Rs 20 250 Rs 5000 just by reading Captcha & submitting them. Level IncomeIncome from Captcha is up to 6 levels. 1st Level Rs 7 per id 2nd Level Rs 6 per id 3rd Level Rs 5 per id 4th Level Rs 4 per id 5th Level Rs 2 per id 6th Level Rs 1 per id. Example CalculationExample showing income in 3 levels .In this income you just referring by 5 users & each user referring 5 another can lead you to earn upto Rs 25,180 per day which is very & easy way of earning.    LEVEL JOINING PAYOUT CALCULATION DAILY INCOME Self 1 Rs 5 per Captcha Rs 5 4 Rs 20 1 5 Rs 7 per id Rs 7 5 Rs 35 2 25 Rs 6 per id Rs 6 25 Rs 125 3 125 Rs 5 per Id Rs 5 125 Rs 625 4 625 Rs 4 per id Rs 4 625 Rs 2500 5 3125 Rs 2 per Id Rs 2 3125 Rs 6250 6 15625 Rs 1 per id Rs 1 15625 Rs 15625 Grand Total 25180 Note this is just an example showing you an referral of 5 users but you can refer as many as you can.   www.captcha2cash.biz  
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