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                                                      RADHAKRISHNA GOLD JEWELLERY PVT LTD                                   JAYESH RATHOD  - 9722277939 , 9727271304                                                httpwww.new.radhakrishnagold.in                                                                         JOINING AMMOUNT  1.     RS. 6500  OR  PURCHESE GOLD RS. 51000                         2 UNIT ID 2.     RS. 30,000  OR  PURCHESE GOLD RS. 2 LAC                      10 UNIT ID     3.     RS. 1,15000  OR  PURCHESE GOLD RS. 11,50000               50 UNIT ID     4.     RS. 5,50000  OR  PURCHESE GOLD RS. 55,50000               250 UNIT ID       PRODUCT 2 UNIT ID 1.      3 YEAR INSURANCE OF RS.100000 LAC 2.     SILVER PHOTO FRAME 3.     DISCOUNT COUPENOF RS. 6500 4.     GUARANTEED BOND CERTIFICET PRODUCT 10 UNIT ID 1.      3 YEAR INSURANCE OF RS 300000 LAC 2.     SILVER PHOTO FRAME & GOLD PLATED WATCH 3.     DISCOUNT COUPENOF RS. 30,000 4.     GUARANTEED BOND CERTIFICET PRODUCT 50 UNIT ID 1.      3 YEAR INSURANCE OF RS 5,00000 LAC 2.     SILVER PHOTO FRAME  3.     GOLD PLATED COUPLE WATCH 4.     LAPTOP 5.     DISCOUNT COUPENOF RS. 1,15000 6.     GUARANTEED BOND CERTIFICET PRODUCT 250 UNIT ID 1.      3 YEAR INSURANCE OF RS 50,00000 LAC 2.     SILVER PHOTO FRAME  3.     GOLD PLATED COUPLE WATCH 4.     DISCOUNT COUPENOF RS. 5,50000 5.     GUARANTEED BOND CERTIFICET                                                                      INCOME 1.      BINERY INCOME 2.     DIRECT INCOME 3.     STAGE BINERY INCOME 4.     SPONSOR STAGE BANEFIT INCOME 5.     SPOT AWARD 6.     REGUALER AWARD FORE MORE DETAILE CALL ON - 9722277939 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE                                      httpwww.new.radhakrishnagold.in 1. This is working business plan any distributer join with company has to work with company than company pay commotion. 2. Radhakrishna gold jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible any amount which is not deposited in company by you or by your up liner. Any distributer who is joins with company should be confirming with company for his or her payment reach to the company or not. 3. If any due payment not receiving to company, company is liable to receive such amount to the distributer for his or her joining. 4. Joining amount is 6500 - minimum and 550000 maximum, registration amount is 500 - Rs, which is non refundable.   5. Any joining amount which is paid by any distributer is secure with company bond. And distributer has to agree with bond conditions. 6. Purchase Amount will be changed as per market Rate. 7. Booking amount is as Advance for labor amount which is discounted at the time of purchasing any jewellery or ornaments. 8. Any additional income not paid by the company to distributer without work expected bond amount.                                RADHAKRISHNA GOLD JEWELLERY PVT LTD                                  JAYESH RATHOD  - 9722277939 , 9727271304                                          httpwww.new.radhakrishnagold.in                                                    
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