Posted by GOUTAM SHARMA on 08 March, 2013 Views: 1151 Points: 0
 MMM is not a company. MMM is not business. In MMM there is no boss or owner. MMM is an international, free, self-adjusting community. It's a Social virus. This is a Community of people who are changing the world, people who have no guarantees of repayment of their funds, they donate money to help people, the same simple people as they are, in difficulties. Site and virtual accounts are only tools which help people to assist eachother. Programm only collects data from people who need help at the moment and sends the data to people who are willing to provide this help. The fact that you gave help will not oblige anyone to give kelp to you. You should know this, and do not participate in MMM with the money that you are not ready to give to another person free of charge. Everyone who believes MMM is a business or MLM company and thinks only how to earn money here, please do not participate in our community.Participating in the MMM, you are extremely at risk and can lose at any time, all your money.Do not forget thisThere are no investments No business activity There is no companyThere are no shares transactions, any relationship with the professional participants of the shares market, no shares or any product you do not getAny source of income is ALSO NOT HERE No, no and noAnd can not be.We do not give you any guarantees either, no promises. Neither explicitly nor implicitly.Do not create the mistaken belief that you can become rich quick here. Conversely, you will lose everythingThere are not any rules. The only rule there are no rules at all Even if you follow all the instructions precisely, you can still lose all your money and not get help in our community from other participants. You can be not paid for no good reason or explanation.In short. We urge you, convince, beg and plead with everyoneYES YOU DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS MMMWell, just let it beLIVE LIKE BEFORE &ndash ONLY FO R SALARYDO NOT PARTICIPATE DO NOT PARTICIPATE DO NOT PARTICIPATENO NO NORUN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS SITE AND DO NOT RETURN MORE HEREIs that clear?But if you are mad too, and after all these warnings, convictions and pleadings .. have decided to participate in MMM we just do not believe that there are people like that, then read on. 
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