Daniel Raasch

Mobile No : 4915786872158
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Country : Germany
Sate : Hesse
City/Village : Wiesbaden
About You :

I work 23 years in the MLM industry also as a trainer and help the people to a better life. Your success is my intention, my spirit and my motivation. You will build up a team with GPA 2.0, feel free and contact me.
We will work together for your success...

About Business :

GetProfitAdz.com is high traffic advertising network platform specifically for the advertising target groups: internet marketing, network marketing and auxiliary income. The members of our partner network rent and rent out advertising webspace. Participate can only business owners and entrepreneurs.

Powerful layout with responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size and mobile devices.

The platform has every day more than 100,000 visitors from the segments online marketing and auxiliary income.

The Get Profit Adz Plattform is running on clustered servers and databases and includes tons of optimized code.

Our members get paid every 30 minutes from the revenues of the adpacks they booked.

We distribute every 30 minutes through automated processes commissions on 12 levels.

The revenue sharing and commissions to our members are paid daily by bank transfer or via our payroll debit card or with gold bullions.

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