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More than half of home-based entrepreneurs are women

27 October 14

The 2.9m home-based entrepreneurs who trade in Britain are predominantly female, according to a report [PDF] from Enterprise Nation and Direct Line for Business. Of those surveyed in the report, 64% were women, with the West Midlands boasting the highest concentration of female entrepreneurs at 83%. Young children were part of the picture, however only 28% of female respondents answered that they had children under the age of 10. According to ... Read More

How To Successfully Work From Home

27 October 14

The office isn't what it used to be. Today, 2.8 million self-employed Americans work from home, while another 3.3 million workers consider their homes their primary workplace, even though many of their employers have corporate offices, according to Global Workplace Analytics, a San Diego-based research firm. "Nearly half of the workforce now holds a job that could be performed, at least some of the time, from home or ... Read More

3 things you need to know before starting a home-based business

22 October 14

(BPT) - About 16 million Americans work from home – a number that Global Workplace Analytics expects will increase by 63 percent over the next five years. In fact, every 12 seconds someone starts a new home-based business in the United States, according to Business for Home. Access to new technology, increased job flexibility and a higher earning potential are just some of the reasons many entrepreneurs consider a home-based ... Read More

Sole Proprietors Use of the Home Office Tax Deduction is falling

21 October 14

While a large fraction of U.S. businesses are home-based, few small business owners take advantage of the home office tax deduction, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) statistics show. Nearly six-in-ten new businesses, and more than half of established small businesses, are home-based, recent data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a representative survey of entrepreneurial activity, reveals. Ce ... Read More

The Good, The Bad, And The Guilt Of Working From Home

21 October 14

When it comes to working remotely, it seems like people are divided into two ideological camps. The first camp includes CEOs like Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and HP’s Meg Whitman, who famously issued edicts last year that working from home is at the very least frowned upon. Collaboration, according to Mayer, comes from “working side by side.” Then there’s the other camp that hail working from home as th ... Read More

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