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Do people really work at home?

30 October 14

They save on travelling time, the firm saves on overheads. Allowing employees the flexibility to work from home can have plenty of upside for both parties. But how do organisations ensure staff who are supposed to be putting in a day's hard yakka at the kitchen table aren't catching up on the ironing or having long lunches with friends? Or moonlighting for other companies on your dime, says Fortress Learning founder Br ... Read More

10 Work-From-Home Jobs That Can Make You Rich

29 October 14

BANGALOR: As the international job market and World Wide Web continues to expand, it only makes sense that individuals looking for meaningful and lucrative work have more job options outside the nine-to-five schedule. But if you’re not sure where to start in terms of finding an awesome position, it could just remain as a dream and not reality. So as the world of work is changing and so are the methods by which people earn a living, the f ... Read More

25 More Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

27 October 14

Some of you may remember the days when finding a job involved searching through the newspaper or Pennysaver’s “Help Wanted” ads. The ad would often tell you how to apply; a resume sent via fax machine, maybe in-person, through the mail, or sometimes even over the phone. After you found jobs that piqued your interest, you would go to the library (or wherever there was an available copy machine) and make copies of your resume to send out. You&r ... Read More

How to: work from home

27 October 14

A15-year-qualified solicitor tells the Gazette that she would rather ‘poke sharp sticks’ in her eyes than work from home. She would be isolated at home, she explains, with no colleagues to discuss a case with or share a rant. There would be no handy IT guru, either, for when the computer screen goes blank. And anyway, home is where she goes to be at home, not at work. Fans of working from hom ... Read More

The 10 Highest-Paying Work From Home Jobs

27 October 14

Working from home doesn't mean sitting around in your pajamas all day and having to struggle to make ends meet. In fact, some companies will pay their telecommuters six figures to work from the comfort of their own home. FlexJobs, a subscription job board for people who want to telecommute, put together a list of the highest-paying work from home jobs it has recently advertised. Read More

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