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Are You Cut Out to Work From Home?

31 October 14

How to tell if you'd be a productive telecommuter and tips for making it work.   Many of us dream about working from home. But is it as easy as it looks? There are some people who know instinctively that it won’t work for them, because there are too many distractions and things they’d rather be doing – and would do while at home. If that’s how ... Read More

Legitimate work from home jobs that really pay

31 October 14

Working from the comfort of your own home sounds so appealing. Unfortunately, so many of the offers turn out to be scams, designed to take your hard-earned money. But a growing number of legitimate companies are looking for home-based workers. Has Time for Family and Hobbies Valerie Neal loves her horse. She also loves that she can spend more time with him because she no longer has to commute to a day job. ... Read More

Consumer Alert: Work at Home Scams

31 October 14

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Hartselle woman recently lost thousands of dollars to what she calls a bogus job opportunity.  Michelle Simpson says it all started with a pop up ad while she was looking at a Publisher’s Clearing House email. The online ad claimed a woman named Kim Swartz was working from home making an upwards of $8,000 per month with a company called Work At Home EDU. Simpson was a newly divor ... Read More

How to Work from Home Without Running Afoul of the IRS

31 October 14

For entrepreneurs and work-from-home types, the IRS can sometimes seem like the bogeyman. It is the comic-book arch villain that has endless resources to hunt down all its enemies, methodically and mercilessly grinding them underfoot, one insignificant dream at a time. No matter how small and underfunded your small business is, you feel as if the IRS has a person, nay, a team, a crack-team of experts combing through your every transaction, just waiting for you ... Read More

10 Lessons I've Learned as a Work-at-Home Mom

31 October 14

After I had my daughter, I felt the need to devote myself entirely to her. I became a stay-at-home mom and did just that. While my husband worked, I stayed home with our baby and nursed her, read to her, dangled toys in front of her, and took care of all of her needs while also taking care of our home. I was exhausted, but I also felt like something was missing in my life. I longed for assignments, to-do lists, and a little extra cash in my pocket. I realized ... Read More

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