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Not just Maggi, more than 400 other products are rejected by FSSAI

13 June 15

More than 400 other products are rejected by FSSAI including ones from Tata Starbucks, Kellog’s etc. After it was found that well known noodles brand Maggi contained lead in excess of permissible levels, it is the turn of other well known brands. Data from FSSAI indicates that m ... Read More

Bank Of Hungary, Issued Warning For Crypto Currencies

12 June 15

The Bank of Hungary has send a warning against Crypto Currency like Bitcoin and OneCoin. I have reached out to co-founder and CEO of OneCoin Dr. Ruja Ignatovawho stated: " The Cen ... Read More

Bitcoin vs. the Blockchain Why It Matters

01 May 15

In this 5,000-word analysis on the differences between Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Daniel M. Harrison argues that identifying the two apart from one another has to be the first priority. Bitcoin the technology exists somewhere in between a series of contrasting worlds. ... Read More

WeChat Being Used for Pyramid Selling Schemes in China!

01 May 15

The popular free messaging and calling app WeChat that allows users to easily connect with family and friends across countries is reportedly being used by some entrepreneurs in China who are engaged in pyramid selling schemes. The free all-in-one communications app developed by Tencent and launched in the latt ... Read More

Year 2014 - Slow Business for the FMCG Sector

24 December 14

NEW DELHI :  They are called ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ companies, but it has turned out to be a year of slow business for the FMCG sector, even as movements were quite visible in 2014 among those at the helm of affairs. For the direct-selling segment of the FMCG space, it was almost a stand-still as head of market leader Amway India got arrested, resulting in louder demands for putting in place ... Read More

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