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Affiliate Marketing: Offline Entities Can Generate Revenue

31 October 14

Affiliate marketing tracks a consumer from a referring source to a completed sale. When we think of affiliate marketing in this simple manner, it opens up an entire realm of possibilities. However, for the most part, affiliate recruiting efforts are primarily focused on entities that drive online traffic, such as bloggers, search marketers, shopping comparison sites, and coupon and deal sites. If we broaden our mindset and consider that affiliate marketing is simply a tool that ... Read More

5 Tips to Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

30 October 14

Seeing some smart internet marketers earn huge 4-5 figure incomes in $$$ every month from affiliate marketing networks, more and more people are turning to it as a means of sprucing up their earnings. The huge popularity of these affiliate networks is partly because most of us are not happy with what we are doing at present and would not mind trying out alternative methods of earning which require little investment and the freedom to work at t ... Read More

Affiliate Marketing In India : What, Why and How

28 October 14

Have you heard about Affiliate marketing? If you have and are just starting out being an affiliate in India, this post will give you a complete overview of affiliate marketing landscape in India. But first, let us understand what is Affiliate Marketing – The business of marketing third party products on your website, and being recompensed for each purchase, sale, click or revenue generated by visitors who have reached the Seller through ... Read More

The future of performance: How can affiliate marketing sustain itself?

20 October 14

The performance marketing industry, like all digital marketing channels, is undergoing rapid change as consumer purchase journeys become more fragmented and the online ecosystem more complex. How can the industry ensure it is viewed as a valued part of the online marketing mix? Performance over-performs when it comes to value. As the IAB’s second annual survey into the value of the channel pointed out in January, advertisers spe ... Read More

Big Data Is Shaking Up Old-School Affiliate Marketing

18 October 14

Affiliate marketing may be decades old, but it is still a challenge—even for the savviest e-commerce leaders. Marketers struggle to decipher affiliate performance. Maximizing campaigns to boost an organization's bottom line can seem like a pipe dream to a marketer. Moreover, identifying and securing high-performing affiliate relationships often prove to be labor-intensive. Analyzing campaign effectiveness is an even ... Read More

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