*Don't Miss Leaders* *BIG OPPORTUNITY* Lions share was launched 3 & 1/2 days ago and already they have over 42530 registered members in the system earning happily and you can be one of them. *HERE IS HOW TO REGISTER IN LION'S SHARE* Step-1: Download a wallet with Dapps. I highly recommend Trust wallet for Mobile and Metamask Wallet for Desktop. Coin base wallet for iPhone users. Step-2: Fund your wallet with 0.055 - 0.1 ETH to cover network or gas fees. Step-3: Open Dapps on your wallet and paste the link on it and search. >> https://lionsshare.io/join?aid=32603 Step-4: Click on Join now to register and make sure sponsor or inviter ID# is 32603 to proceed with the registration. Step-5: Approve or(;. Confirm your payment to register on the website. Step-6: Wait for 2-3 minutes to receive all confirmations from the website. Step-7: You have registered successfully. Take note of your ID for login purposes and also copy your referral or affiliate link to share to your teams and others. *Daily Update Join Our Whatsapp* 👇👇👇 whatsapp 📞7264983990

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