Introducing the new URWERK UR-111C – no more lingering time, but still eye-catching

UR-CC1 The ultra-modern, super-daring offspring of King Cobra's complex micromechanics.Urwerk 105 replica watches

URWERK does not launch new works every day-not adaptations of existing works, but works that are truly unique and unique. Therefore, when URWERK announces new products, we are always happy to see the development results of many years ... and its latest baby will not disappoint. Just like URWERK, it's bold and ultra-modern, it gets rid of the iconic roaming time indication and restores another iconic display: linear retrograde minutes. Meet the UR-CC1 King Cobra's direct descendant URWERK UR-111C, as well as watches with many cool details and mechanical innovations.

Hovering hours-retrograde linear minutes
For more than 20 years, URWERK has built a reputation with a unique display: roaming time. Unexpectedly, this ultra-modern display is inspired by ancient time presentation. Thanks to the Campani brothers, the wandering clocks omit the traditional arrangement of concentric hands and combine the hours and minutes in a single indicator. Felix Baumgartner was busy, a very intuitive way to read time, and the Campania brothers wandered for hours for Pope Alexander XII. This is the first URWERK UR-101 source of inspiration.Richard Mille RM 52 skull replica

Most watches later conceived and manufactured by Frei and Baumgartner have this display-UR-103, UR-202, UR-1001, UR-110, UR-210, UR-105 or UR-T8. Some exceptions to this rule: EMC, of ​​course, but especially UR-CC1 King Cobra, which is a watch separated from the wandering display with linear and retrograde indications. On this watch, the hours are displayed by beating and rotating cylinders, the minutes are displayed with retrograde cylinders, and the second hand has a number and linear mechanism ... Now the watch has a descendant URWERK UR-111C.

As for the design of this new URWERK UR-111C, even though the new display hints at some changes in shape, we have found a science fiction theme that Frei and Baumgartner attach great importance to. There is no doubt that this new watch is URWERK, bold, modern, unconventional, large, masculine and never discreet-after all, you should not wear such a watch on your wrist to hide it under the cuff. UR-111C is a real wrist mechanism.

The most interesting part of this watch is certainly seen mechanically-at URWERK this means an unusual display. When displayed in a non-traditional way, minutes or seconds (understanding that the classic hands can be rotated 360 °) have always been a signature feature of URWERK watches, and the new UR-111C will obviously not change this. In fact, it shows multiple exception indications. The main point of interest in the new work is that the drift time has passed. But this does not mean that the watch is not so technically impressive.

The front of the watch has three curved sapphire crystals, one of which indicates hours and two of minutes. Let's start from the left and show the jumping number of hours on the rotating frustum. Not only is the indication displayed on the rotating cone, but it also beats precisely every hour, so the current time is always perfectly displayed. On the right is a progressive minute display, also by rotating the cone display – treat this display as a visual counterweight for the “spare” and hour display.

The main instructions and the instructions that will produce a real "wow effect" are the central instructions. Inspired by the "King Cobra" watch, URWERK UR-111C reintroduced the linear display of minutes, but brought new challenges. According to the brand, the linear trajectory of the display is slanted along its aperture instead of being aligned horizontally with a rotating cylinder that carries a spiral mark along the minute trajectory. Due to the orbital inclination, the cylinder was rotated 300 degrees around its axis to bring the helix to 60 minutes, and was equipped with a long, spiral spring. To restart the helix, the spring is released and the cylinder is tilted forward 60 degrees to jump the hour to the next hour. "Of course, we must see something in action-when we have asked for a review, it will appear soon.

And more ... The URWERK UR-111C can also display seconds, and it's no surprise that the display is far from the traditional display. It is a digital second counter installed on two small wheels alternately: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 on one wheel, and 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 on the other wheel. The weight of each hollow seconds wheel is 0.018 grams (0.025 grams), which is a miniature lace made of metal by the LIGA process. Because the disc is placed under the so-called "image catheter" one-tenth of a millimeter above the number, the display looks abnormally close to the wearer. The circular window is made of precisely aligned optical fibers.

Has URWERK UR-111C been completed? not yet! Now it's human-computer interaction and the way the wearer interacts with the watch. The winding system is operated by a long-slot cylinder or "roller" integrated on the top of the housing. Even if the basic movement is automatic, using this scroll-wound watch will be one of the fun. The same is true of the original time setting method. Instead of pulling out the crown, swing the lever from the right side of the case and turn the wheel in either direction. Considering all these devices and anomalous displays, the case cannot be assembled in a classic way-as shown above, once the panel and time setting lever are removed, the movement must be slotted from the side of the case to remove it.

As for the watch itself, URWERK UR-111C is also a new breakthrough in the brand's iconic design. Of course, the iconic DNA still exists, but the shape is different from what we have seen in the past-sharp edges and less organic. The UR-111C appears to be a bulky watch, but its size should be more "decent" and user-friendly than some of URWERK's previous products. The case size is 42mm x 46mm and the height is 15mm (not exceeding most Valjoux powered watches). URWERK UR-111C will be available in two versions. The former has a classic polished and brushed steel case, while the latter has a matte gunmetal finish.Breitling AVENGER HURRICANE 45 XB0180E4|BF31|284S|X20D.4

Technical specifications – URWERK UR-111C
Case: 42 mm wide x 46 mm long x 15 mm thick-Polished steel or bronze steel-Sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on all sides-Water-resistant to 30m
Movement: Basic movement: Automatic self-winding with 48h power reserve and 4hz frequency-the internal module is on top of all indications: jumping hours, retrograde linear minutes, digital minutes, digital seconds
Strap: Black alligator leather strap or black fabric strap on folding strap
Availability: 25 mm polished steel and 25 mm bronze steel

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