Hi, guys have you know about the update of Incense Burners this week, If not, here sre some information about this part, and what's more,owing to the 9% off "HAF9" code for you buying cheap rs gold from now on, you should better join RS3gold April Fool's day activity earlier,. Incense Burners We’ve been aware for some time that Firemaking just isn’t as exciting as the other skills, and a large part of the problem is that training it doesn't feel worthwhile. That’s why the biggest part of the new Firemaking update is the addition of incense burners. Incense burners must be filled with incense sticks. When these sticks are lit, they release a variety of beneficial effects for 10 minutes. This effect can be extended up to 60 minutes by lighting more. Each type of incense has a different buff which increases in potency every 10 minutes from level 1 to 4. Overloading the incense burner consumes 6 sticks but instantly provides the maximum potency. To begin with you can only light one type of incense at a time. This limit is expanded to two types at Lv71 Firemaking and three types at lv95. If you light a second type of incense when you are below the required level to do so, the original burner effect will be overwritten by the new one. So, how do you craft an incense stick? Just follow these three easy steps. First, you’ll need to whittle down some logs into sticks. Then, you’ll need to add either impious, accursed, or infernal ashes. Finally, add the required herbs. Hey presto! Now you’re ready to try out incense burning. Here are the new incense sticks and their effects: Guam: 10% chance per potency to gain additional logs from normal trees. Tarromin: 25% chance per potency to generate ashes in your bank when lighting a new fire. Marrentill: 12.5% poison damage reduction per potency. Harralander: 25% increase to run energy restore rate per potency. Ranarr: +1 Prayer bonus per potency. Toadflax: +12.5% chance per potency to avoid failing an Agility obstacle. Spirit weed: +10% summoning spell points recovery (natural and by potions etc) per potency. Irit: 25% poison damage reduction per potency. Is multiplicative, rather than additive, with marrentill, so they'll stack but 50% from marrentill and 50% from irit won't offer 100% reduction. Wergali: 0.5% chance per potency to produce a strung bow when fletching logs into unstrung bows. Avantoe: 5% per potency to automatically bait Hunter traps. Kwuarm: +2.5% weapon poison damage per potency. Bloodweed: 2.5% chance per potency to get double logs when cutting bloodwood trees. Snapdragon: +50% stat restore rate per potency. Cadantine: 2.5% per potency to not exhaust a resource (trees). Lantadyme: +30 seconds on potion timers per potency. Dwarf weed: 2% per potency to bank dropped or gathered items. Torstol: +0.5% base XP gain per potency. Fellstalk: +1% spawn chance to elite NPCs per potency. Anyway , you should not miss this good way to grasp cheap rs gold on the rent of days on March.

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