By the year 2015 of September 13, a history was made in NFL regular season in the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans – that was the day that Sarah Thomas became the first female NFL referee. Today, Sarah's whistle, banner, and cap from that said game are highlighted at the NFL Hall of Fame. That show is a fitting recognition for her historical achievement. Other than breaking the usual inside the NFL, Sarah has just achieved being the first ever female referee to administer a college football match-up. She was the main female to administer a bowl game and to direct in a Big Ten arena. Since joining the NFL's list of officials, she is an extra-ordinary inspiration to women in this male ruled field. Sarah shows that fearlessness, hard work, planning, and your best shot in every situation hindrances the break. Given that she is a pioneer in the field of being a female referee, Sarah receives invitations from highly organized events as a speaker, and giving wonderful advice to the hundreds of listeners in each event. She once told the audience, “If you’re going through life trying to prove people wrong, that list of people will never end. Stop doing it. Believe and prove to yourself that you belong.” Sarah Thomas, as being the one who has accomplished so much, despite gender prejudices, should wear her stripes and number 53 proudly. By the year 2019 of January 13th, she became the first woman referee to work on NFL playoff between the Patriots and Chargers game. Sarah provides inspiration to other people to have big dreams and to believe that everything and anything is possible. She always talked about overcoming hard times in a male-dominated world in each event that she attended. Some of her topics are: Motivational Women, Overcoming Adversity, University Women’s Issues, and many more. And because of her fame, Sports Illustrated ranks her as one of the 100 most influential figures of all time. Sarah Thomas radiates self-reliance and prevails as a female in a male-ruled industry. Watching her as a referee in Las Vegas, during the first game at Allegiant Stadium, was totally awesome. Not only because she made a great job, but also she will be forever and made history in Allegiant stadium.  

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